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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead - PC - Review

GO GO GO! Parachute behind enemy lines as Sgt. Jack Barnes with 9 all new single player missions (that's 3 more than the original game which had only 6) and 12 new multiplayer maps spanning the European Theatre of operations.

All is prepped for the invasion of Normandy, as troops mass and await the word that will start the D-day invasion, certain targets must be eliminated before the invasion gets a GO. That's where the Airborne units of the U.S. Army and the British Army come into play, to parachute behind enemy lines to quickly take out vital targets to assure the success of the invasion.

After the invasion forces have landed and secured the beachhead, then the thrust towards Berlin begins and again the special Airborne units are some of the first to lead the way and meet the enemy head on. Fight at the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 and then push up the road to Berlin in January of 1945, the Nazis are on the run and you are among the allied forces hot on their heels!

This expansion pack adds lots of new missions to complete, all using the same format as the original game. Progressive linear play keeps you on track with subtle hints to help you complete each mission. Watch your squad members, if they do not follow you into a specific area, then that is a good indication that that is not where you need to go either. Listen to your superiors orders for clues also, it's all there for you to figure out. There are also 12 new multiplayer maps as well that should considerably expand your online play experience. Also included is the all new multiplayer "Tug-of-war" mode, check it out! Hey in Multiplayer you can now play as American, British, or Soviet! WOW way cool!

New weapons have also been added, and they are every bit as good as the ones in the original, the British Sten Mark 2 is one great submachine gun, but watch it as it eats ammo at an astonishing rate! You will also encounter the Lee Enfield Rifle, Gewehr 43 Sniper rifle, the soviet PPSh41 submachine gun, and the soviet 7.62 mm DTM. You will also get some of the weapons used in the first game and through out the war, the M1 Garand, 1911.45 pistol, and the Thompson submachine gun to name a few. Of course you will also gain some experience with hand grenades and satchel charges during some of your demolition missions.

Again the level of the sounds in this game expansion pack is fantastic. Capable of immersing you into the combat going on around you, from the ricochet of stray bullets, the sound of incoming artillery rounds.

If you are a fan of the Original Medal of Honor, Allied Assault, then this Spearhead Expansion Pack is a must have! You must have the original MOHAA installed to play the expansion pack. Also of note, if you have not installed the latest patches for MOHAA, the expansion pack will do that for you during installation.

Remember, you do not play MOHAA, you volunteer! And this Dog gives MOHAA, Spearhead Expansion Pack a huge two thumbs up! This pack is really awesome and adds to one of my all time favorite FPS games!

Gameplay: 9.0
The high level of excitement of the original MOHAA continues in each of the added missions. This pack will take you quite a while to get all the way through as some of the missions are quite large. New period based weapons add a new element to the game with some great British and Soviet pieces being added.

Graphics: 9.7
I originally reviewed MOHAA with my old 16 MB Video card and the game got great reviews then. Since that time I have upgraded to a high end 64 MB Geforce card and oh my gosh what a difference! The original graphics are fantastic! The players eyes even blink! Well, the Spearhead Expansion Pack continues with the same great graphics, it don't get much better than this!

Sound: 10
Absolutely no room for improvement in this area of the game, everything sounds so realistic! The twang of a spent M1 magazine spring being ejected is just eerie real! The Expansion again continues with the same great standards. Do yourself a favor and get a good Sound card and a set of gaming speakers with a good sub and then hang on, War never sounded so crisp and clear!

Difficulty: Medium to Hard
The basic game was easy to learn to play, but some of the missions are quite complex, just follow all the clues laid out for you to complete each mission. Some are rather difficult as you must prevent some of your squad from dying or complete a certain task within a tight time limit, but with some practice, you too can complete each mission and force the Nazis back into Germany!

Concept: 9
Great Expansion Pack to an already great game. Adding new missions as a different player is a cool Idea as well as adding some of the other allied forces such as the British and the Soviets. Keeping the standards of Gameplay, graphics, and sound as high as the original was quite nice.

Overall: 9.0
This Pack adds loads of Gameplay to one of my all time favorite FPS games, it also adds lots of new features not found in the original game. All the while keeping the same high standards as the original game. This pack is so cool, the connecting videos are very cool and do well to keep the game flowing from area to area. Just when you think you have seen it all, here comes an Expansion Pack that more than doubles the original Game! I think EA games has hit another benchmark in its games with this great add-on! Two thumbs up was an easy call for Spearhead Expansion Pack, great job guys!!!


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