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Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC review


Aside from delivering an enjoyably cinematic single-player experience, Max Payne 3 also manages to offer an addictive, enthralling, and outstanding online multiplayer component. This mode ensures that players have something to do long after they've cleared the campaign, and it's so well designed that it doesn't feel like an afterthought at all. So it makes sense that Rockstar Games would want to keep supporting such a mode with post-launch DLC. The Local Justice Pack is the first set of downloadable multiplayer content for Max Payne 3, and if you plan on investing more time into the game, this DLC is a great purchase.

Local Justice features the new Light Fingers loadout item, which grants players the ability to loot the corpses of their fallen victims a lot faster. It's a nice item that allows you to grab some cash off your enemies at a speedier rate, which is always great for avoiding a bullet in the back if an unexpected opponent shows up out of nowhere. There's also the M4 assault rifle, which is powerful and good for taking down other players rapidly. Another add-on is the Sao Paolo Police faction, which includes yet another set of multiplayer skins.

Local Justice DLC - PS3 - 1

While the aforementioned extras are all nice additions to the multiplayer experience in Max Payne 3, it's the new maps that really make the DLC. Local Justice includes three maps: Imperial Palace, 55th Battalion HQ, and Departure Lounge. These three areas are taken straight from the last few chapters in the game, and they're absolutely incredible. Imperial Palace is a massive rundown hotel. The map consists of crumbling walls and piles of debris. There's plenty of cover to be found and high areas for picking off enemies from a distance.

Easily the most complex map of the three, 55th Battalion HQ is a huge collection of maze-like rooms, twists and turns, open spaces, and walls perfect for getting cover and ambushing your enemies. Combat in this map can drastically vary depending on what area you're in. For example, being in the jail often results in players engaging in melee attacks and close quarters combat. But when you get to the more open areas, there's no option other than letting loose with your best guns. It should be noted that 55th Battalion HQ is the only Local Justice map that supports Gang Wars mode, and it's damn near perfect for the objective-based component.

Last is the sprawling Departure Lounge. This map offers a bit of what the two previous areas feature. There are a lot of tight spaces, high areas, small rooms, and a massive central zone. Departure Lounge is a huge, multi-level map that's just plain fun. There's plenty of cover for high-pressure shootouts and ambush spots for sneakier players.

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It's difficult for me to choose a favorite among the three new maps. The fact of the matter is that each new area offers something special and rewarding for fans of Max Payne 3 multiplayer. Imperial Palace, 55th Battalion HQ, and Departure Lounge have some noticeable similarities in terms of their features, but they're vastly different as far as structure and design are concerned.

As much fun as the three new maps may be, it should be noted that there are some hindrances. It's not that the levels themselves are limited, but getting to them can be. During the pre-match voting sequence, almost everyone is still always voting for Branco HQ. It makes sense that people love that map because it's so well designed, but come on, people! Give the new maps a chance, too! I mean, you paid money for them, damn it! Despite that minor gripe, if you really want to engage in some multiplayer fun on the new maps, there's a DLC option that lets you play randomized modes on the downloaded stages, so they're not entirely out of reach.

Local Justice DLC - PS3 - 1

Local Justice sports a $7.99 price tag. For three maps, an item, and a gun, that can be a bit pricey, so I would highly recommend you shell out the $29.99 for the Rockstar Pass if you intend on sticking with the multiplayer in Max Payne 3 for a long time. At least that way you'll be sure to snag the follow-up content automatically once it launches.

Ultimately, the Local Justice Pack is for people who want more Max Payne 3 multiplayer. For those people, it's definitely one hell of a content boost. While the extra items and faction are good extras, the three new maps are the shining additions and are definitely worth paying money for. Max Payne 3's online multiplayer component just got even more addictive.

[Reviewed on PlayStation 3]

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