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Marvel Spider-Man Pad - GC - Review

So … How many times have you invited friends over to your house for a good go around of Gauntlet : Dark Legacy or Super Monkey Ball 2 only to remember that you are lacking the fourth controller to play? Well, the only logical thing to do at that point is run to your nearest retailer and grab another one! With all of the GameCube official controllers and third party controllers out there to choose from … which one should you pick? The most recent addition from Naki which may catch your eye is the Spider Pad, all decked out in red, blue, and black with webbing patterns just like America’s most recent super hero favorite. Is it worth the $19.99 for the catchy piece of eye candy?

The first noticeable thing about the controller is that it is 90% accurate in both look and feel to an actual Nintendo licensed controller. All of the buttons are in the same places, and the feel of the Spider Pad is almost identical to that of an actual licensed controller as well. A couple of differences are present, the first of which visually … aside from the Spider design … is that the A button logo has been replaced by a spider. Not a big deal for the seasoned Nintendo gamer, but a novice may take a second to figure out where the A button is (Don’t laugh … my 7 year old niece got a little confused.)

Secondly, there are rubber grips on the tops of the controller to help avoid the “sweaty hand due to intense gaming” slips which may happen periodically with regular control pads. They are not raised up enough to really realize that they are there … but you’ll know it when it stays firmly planted in your hand while firing off webs or throwing repeated fireballs or whatever.

Lastly, there is a turbo button which can be used to assign a rapid fire turbo option to any of the buttons on the controller. The turbo, when activated, activates all of the buttons on the controller, rather than just one which makes it a little easier if you need it for multiple functions. The turbo button, once assigned, can only be turned off by holding down a “clear” button, the “turbo” button, and the button specifically that you want to turn off. There was also no light or LED indicator to let you know that turbo had been turned on, which of course resulted in Pac Man jumping off a ledge or a golf ball being hit way too softly and messing up a 3 par hole at times when I forgot … not a major deal, but can cause a frustrating moment or two. .

So, Spider fans, should you or should you not purchase the Spider Pad from Naki?  Well, the choice will ultimately be up to you. I will say it this way … if you are searching for a nifty looking addition to your GameCube peripherals, this could be a cool item to have. The look and feel of the original with some extras make it a good purchase, and hey … it’s Spider Man!

Reviewer's Conclusions

Cool looking design and neat Spider Man concept. The buttons, controller layout, and size are identical to the licensed Nintendo controller found in stores. It also has an assignable turbo function and rubber grips to avoid the “Oops … I dropped the controller because my hands were sweaty” syndrome.

The assignable turbo function, while neat, can cause some headaches since there are no indicators to tell you when it has been activated (even though the instruction manual says that there is one). Also, you have to hold down a “clear” button, then the turbo button, and the one you want to turn off … and you won’t necessarily want it on for all of the buttons at once. It is also about an inch shorter in cord length, which may cause a system to get pulled off the shelf accidentally. I know … an inch isn’t that much, but when an 8 year old swings right a little in a reaction to something, it can and will happen. Trust me.  

Verdict: 8.5
As neat looking and accurate to the more costly option as this controller was, Naki did a good job on it overall. It’s a neat little item to have, and if you need turbo … it definitely comes through in that department. Is it worth the $19.99 price tag? I would definitely say so, and it’s a good, cost effective option to the name brand deal. Buy with confidence.   


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