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Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Review

Gettin' that paper

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Review

The Mario and Luigi series of games is entirely foreign to me. Additionally, the only Paper Mario games I've put significant play time into are the original and Super Paper Mario. This may color my review a bit as I'm not as familiar with or burnt out on the series. With that said… Mario Luigi: Paper Jam is what happens when the two Mario RPG franchises collide.

The story begins with the ever bumbling Luigi accidentally setting the content's of Paper Mario's world loose on the unsuspecting Mushroom Kingdom. This wouldn't be such a bad thing, save for the mass confusion, and Paper Bowser's army literally falling onto the Mushroom Kingdom like leaves in autumn.

After being sent to round up the disoriented Paper Toads by two Peaches, Mario and Luigi encounter Paper Mario. Meanwhile, Bowser and Paper Bowser team up, and surprising exactly no one, they kidnap the Peachy princess pair. This means our intrepid trio must work together to battle two tautologically tyrannical tyrants. Will this be an awesome adventure or a bogus journey? Let's break it down.

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