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Looking for a good time , Welcome to Rook island

When Far Cry came out in 2004 and Far Cry 2 came out in 2008 , I never really bothered to play them (a big mistake) , but when Far Cry 3 came out just last year , I figured that I'd buy it , try it out , and was I blown away. I was surprised on how much fun Far Cry 3 is You play as Jason Brody. Who is trying to escape from the unstable psycho killing pirate Vaas. Vaas is responsible for the kidnapping of your family and friends. But before you can get your hands on Vaas .

You will be learning new skills on how to survive. You will be collecting items , plants , and animal skins , all you will be using to craft different items such as wallets (to hold more cash) or gun holsters (to hold more guns ) At the start of the game Jason is much like the cowardly Lion (from the Wizard of OZ) but as you start to kill more pirates you gain experience and you will be able to shoot a gun from a zipline , hold you breath longer under water , kill enemies from above and below , all different skill to make you a better killer. And as soon as you it Jason starts to enjoy the kills.

Of course there is much to do besides killing enemies and animals. There are Lost Letters from WWII , and relics , treasure chests , to collect. You can also try your hand a poker , racing , and place a bet on knife throw. ( Just to name a few) The visuals are just so rich and beautiful , when I stand on top of the radio tower or high ground I just take a look at Rook Island , and it almost feels like I'm there. Like I said before there is so much to do on the Island and you will have a fun time doing it. Far Cry 3 is a game that you should have your library.


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