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LEGO Dimensions: Ghostbusters Level Pack Review

What did you do, Ray?!

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LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

The Positives

  • As per Traveler's Tales standard, the movie license is handled with utmost care. Lines and audio taken directly from the movie and overlayed across the LEGO gameplay works wonders.

  • The action stays on point, and you take part of all the popular scenes from the movie.

  • Thankfully the soundtrack was licensed as well, and is sprinkled throughout the experience.

  • The new ghost-catching mechanics work pretty well, and aren't overly complicated. This is a LEGO game after all. You'll have to set your trap (which comes with the Level Pack) and then shoot your proton pack at the ghosts. After a while, when all the ghosts have been round up, you drag them back into the trap.

  • As with every other franchise, you can also explore an open world based on the Ghostbusters movie, full of side-missions to complete.

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

The Negatives

  • You only play as Peter Venkman for some reason. You could say it's because that's the minifig that comes with it, but once you complete the main story, you gain the ability to play as any of them.

  • It's a shame that this got the LEGO Dimensions treatment, instead of a full LEGO game treatment, but perhaps once the new Ghostbusters movie comes out, we'll have a game based on all the movies then?

  • I encountered a level breaking bug, which forced me to restart, and essentially lose my progress on completing a 100% of the studs bar. During the Gozer fight, I was unable to damage her during the second phase, because the one environmental puzzle that was supposed to stun her, never did. I spent 15 minutes running around trying to see if I perhaps missed something, but eventually reloaded the level. Upon doing so, it turns out that it was indeed bugged. That's a big shame.

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