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K.Hawk: Survival Instinct - PC - Review

You are K Hawk, probably the hottest looking SEAL to ever serve in the U.S armed forces.  In a routine covert drop of a fellow SEAL team member her chopper is shot down and she is the only survivor on a remote uncharted island.  Hidden in the lush jungle are an ultra secret paramilitary compound, an experimental laboratory, and a well-trained highly motivated force whose only mission is to protect their secrets.  Against incredible odds you must conceal your presence and find the answers, expose the plot and escape to freedom in one piece.  You must only fight when you have to as you will reveal yourself and the enemy will close on your position.  You must survive by all means necessary.

After some basic training you will be ready to take on your role in this new title.  The training missions are essential to really get a knack on how to use the equipment that you will have and find to keep yourself alive.  I tried skipping those all-important training exercises and found gameplay to be a bit frustrating.  So it is my recommendation to give those a whirl and you will find the game a bit more enjoyable.

The key to this game is stealth.  It was a bit difficult to me to try and avoid shooting every bad guy I saw.  Once you start doing that you will have an entire army trying to hunt you down.  I personally thought the enemy AI was a bit lame so one might think you could get away trying to play this like a typical shooter.  I say lame because there were times I was detected and after only running away a few yards the enemy quit trying to hunt me down and went back to their patrols.  The game is still tough so don't get the wrong idea.  Just wanted to give you an observation that was made.

You are equipped with a GPS type of device that gives you locations of the bad guys and cameras in your area.  You can tell the range of sight, the direction they are looking, and the distance that they can hear.  Nice little gadget to have.  Couldn't imagine playing this one without it.  You will be able to use plenty of weapons to carryout your missions.  I sometimes had difficulty using high caliber rounds on a target and the darn dude wouldn't die.  We are talking headshots here boys and girls.. But lo and behold a couple shots from my trusty sidearm and poof…dead bad guy.  Still can't figure that one out.

Some of your missions will have you assassinating key people or planting explosives and demolishing things.  All the while trying to remain as covert as possible.  My biggest gripe of all is that there are no hand-to-hand options at all.  No knife, no punching, kicking, screaming, plain and simple you are just out there with your good looks.  For a game that has such a big emphasis on covert ops, I found this to be a bit frustrating.

Overall a decent game but could use a tad bit of work…in my opinion. 

Reviewer's Scoring Details

Gameplay: 7.5
Enemy AI can be terrible at times. Cycling through the inventory seemed like it took to long.

Graphics: 7.5 
Seemed a bit old school for my liking.  With the advancements in video technology I expect a bit more.  I will say this.. Kitty Hawk is nicely rendered.

Sound: 8
The music and sound was pretty good, in fact my 4 stereo speakers sounded wonderful. The music and the voice-overs were a bit repetitive.

Difficulty Hard
Stealth is essential in the game.  Get spotted and watch out!

Concept: 7.5
We have seen some of the same before.  Not the most interesting storyline, but the emphasis on stealth separates this title from your typical shooter games.

Overall: 7.5
Not a bad game, and a pretty good-looking chick to look at never hurts. 


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