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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - GBA - Review

Jimmy Neutron is a pre-teen super genius who built a robotic dog named Goddard who must save the parents of Retroville whom were abducted by aliens.

Control Jimmy and Goddard by retrieving needed items to repair the spaceship, defeat the evil Yokian Empire and rescue the parents from King Goobot. Choose easy, medium, hard or tutorial which visually instructs you on the controls, a helpful feature. It guides you through the button commands so that you can be comfortable with the controls.

Read the mission objectives (or have a good reader near by) before playing each level, it will tell you what to do. Use the control pad to easily walk Jimmy or Goddard around Retroville.  Flags will show you where a level is. Press the A button when an icon of a missing spaceship appears, to begin searching for the missing pieces to repair the spaceship.

The level screen shows your points, percent of items you've collected, the health bar - which is very important - when your health bar is gone you return to the map screen and lose all of your items and then have to play that level over. Also on the level screen is your shrink ray meter, jet fuel and the number of needed items to collect to complete the level.

After finding as many of the items as you can, go to the checkpoint at the end of the level, the level complete screen will appear, giving you information about the level - your score and code. That is the only thing we didn't like about the game, having to write down a code in order to play the level again.

Basically you run, jump and fly around with a jetpack collecting points and shooting at things and that's just why my eight year old likes it. I like that the object of the game involves rescuing the parents.

Fun animation.

In options you can change the music and sound effects.

Easy controls. Just right for ages 8-14.

High for fun value. This game is rated E for everyone and has mild violence. My favorite weapon is the shrink ray gun, an amusing and less violent way to get rid of your enemies.

Up to four players can compete in a platform style game. Each player needs a Game Boy Advance game system, their own copy of the game and a game link cable.

I feel kids will enjoy playing this game especially with the techno gadgets and multiplayer character abilities. With the movie coming out we are sure to see more of these entertaining little characters. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius game boy advance is big fun in a small gameboy game.


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