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It's My Diary - PC - Review

It's My Diary is a computer journal designed for girls ages eight-sixteen. Not only can girls enter text like a traditional diary, but video, audio and image files can be attached to each entry, as well!

This is a fun method of keeping a personal diary on the computer. Personalizing each entry is easy, with different fonts, colors and backgrounds available. Adding multimedia files is just a click away, and each file can be stored for easy access in a pop-up menu to the side of the text page. The different categories for filing the entries can be changed to any categories users may want. Images can be placed directly onto the page, besides being attached, as can hyperlinks.

The interface is easy enough to use, but for some reason the menu bar at the top of the text window doesn't offer automatic pop-up functions when the mouse is slid over, as does Windows. Also, some menu items aren't obvious as to their functions, as in trying to change the backgrounds and fonts. To insert a file, users must choose the insert command on the left side menu, instead of the insert command at the top menu, which is slightly confusing at first. But besides these minor issues, the menus are easy enough to learn.

There is a password for each user, which may be of slight concern to some parents as they won't be able to view anything in the kids' journals if desired, which with the addition here of videos, pictures and music files, might be an issue. Every kid knows that the lock on a traditional diary is not fool-proof against parent snooping and will edit accordingly, if they're not totally brain-dead. An electronic lock is a whole 'nuther ballgame.

This program is very cute and most girls will enjoy using it, although the attraction may wane after time. Adding videos, pictures and sounds is extremely easy and any user can have a multimedia entry for each day of the week in no time! It can be used as a scrapbooking program, too. If parents are looking for a writing tool for their girls with snazzy multimedia effects, and don't mind their kids having a secret password, then this program will fit the bill!

Gameplay: 7
While well-done, it's pretty much a one-shot deal as to function.

Graphics: 8 
The graphics are great, and the pictures show up nicely when added.

Sound: 7
The sound is nice, but average. Music files transfer well.

Difficulty: Easy
Nothing could be easier!

Concept: 7 
Electronic diaries for girls are nothing new, but the multimedia functions make this one a cut above the rest.

Overall: 7.4
A fun method of journaling, plus getting in some writing practice on the computer. The only concern here is the secret password function, which each parent will have to decide for themselves if a drawback or not.


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