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Island Forge: A World of Player-Created Content

Island Forge: A World of Player-Created Content. Create Islands with Stories for Others to Explore. The Brand-New Old-School MMORPG. Classic RPG elements with unique gameplay in a player-created world. Place hundreds of scenery and terrain tiles, lay out your town, and create actors with interactive dialogue.

When your island is ready, publish it to the world for everyone to explore! Go solo or form party expeditions to explore, fight creatures, and earn resources. Meet with others in town, craft items, and level up with a unique health-based experience system. Island Forge appeals to creative players who enjoy participating in an engaging community.

Island Forge is written entirely from scratch in the Java Programming Language by a single developer, and is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Join our creative player community! Island Forge is all about player creativity, community participation, and player-created content!


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