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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie Review


I'm tempted to knock my review down a point simply because the new Batman trailer was not shown before Harry Potter at my local theater. I can't blame this on the movie, but I'm thinking Voldemort might have had a hand in it. Replacing the Batman trailer with one for Happy Feet Two is something that the Dark Lord would do. But I digress---Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is what I went to the movies for last night. Having read the books and loved them, I went in with high expectations for how the Harry Potter Octology would conclude, and I was not disappointed.

Part 2 picks up right after Dobby died rescuing Harry from the Malfoy estate. Harry now knows that Lord Voldemort has the elder wand, and through his link with Voldemort has an idea of where the other Horcruxes are. I had goosebumps for the entire movie. My eyes were treated to a cinematic feast of gritty scenes, exciting duels, and moments that tug at your heartstrings.

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2

Some scenes had me a little choked up. The acting and visuals captured every moment perfectly. I want so badly to talk about specific scenes, but I'm doing my best to hold back so that I don't ruin anything for those who don't know how events turn out. A great component of the last movie was that underused, fan-favorite characters stepped up to play major roles in the Battle of Hogwarts. Similarly, Neville Longbottom gives an inspiring speech, and he also acts as the leader of the students while Harry is gone. Luna Lovegood becomes vocal and helps search for the Horcruxes. Even though Remus Lupin is my favorite character, the return of Professor Minerva McGonagall was my favorite part. She has some great lines and demonstrates her magical prowess in her defense of Hogwarts.

Snape's story is covered as nicely as one could hope for, explaining the reason behind his actions in a nice bit of acting by Alan Rickman. I love that even though the whole movie has a dark feel to it, the Potter humor isn't absent. Ron Weasley has his one-liners. Molly Weasley gets a line in there that had everyone laughing, and the rest of the cast has some nice moments together.

When the time comes for the showdown between Voldemort and Harry, the parts right before it are emotionally gut-wrenching. Heroes who have given their lives resisting the Dark Lord are there to help Harry be the bravest man he can be.

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2

A few things bothered me (besides not seeing the Batman trailer). First, the deaths of some characters throughout the series were a little lackluster. I expected certain Death Eaters to be defeated in a way that would have me fist-pumping in the theater. Also, even though in the books certain members of the Order of the Phoenix died in ways not shown, I thought that the movie would reveal them. Granted, there were clips of random students being killed, but none held the emotional weight of the Order of the Phoenix members. I would have liked to see Kingsley Shacklebolt, McGonagall, and Slughorn battle Voldemort, but it was omitted from the movie.

The other part that bothers me is that the movie doesn't go deeper into the story of Aberforth and Albus Dumbledore's relationship and family drama. This was a big part of the last book that is briefly dealt with in the movie before it's settled.

Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

I consider the Harry Potter movies the Star Wars of our generation. Nothing else has come close to our emotional attachment to the characters and the way they band together in times of trouble. This movie ends the Harry Potter story in an epic way that will have you on the edge of your seat. We started a journey with Harry, Ron, and Hermione seven movies ago, and I am deeply satisfied with the way it all ended: with goosebumps, duels, and good triumphing over evil.

Second Opinion By: Mike Splechta

Harry's last adventure was a spectacle to behold. Watching it made me think back to the first movie, and the following movies after that, and really take in the knowledge that I've grown up with this cast. While the movie was good and served its purpose for telling the last part of the story, I felt somewhat disappointed. Now I know everyone has heard this over a million times, but I'm going to be one of those snobs who says, "The movie can't compare to the book." And it's a true statement. Not that it makes the movie any less epic or grand, but I wasn't as emotionally attached as when I was reading.

As the last piece of an elaborate and magical puzzle, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 succeeds in wrapping up the story of the boy who lived, and it's still an absolute must-see if only to witness the final chapter of an epic saga.


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