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GTR - FIA GT Racing Game - PC - Review

As we all know going “underground” seems to be the main theme of many racing games lately. A lot of the popular racing game franchises have even converted their games over to match this growing trend. It seemed that people who loved GT racing have been left in the dust. Well never fear because the developers at 10Tacle Studios have heard your cries and have released their simulation game: GTR FIA Racing upon the gaming world. Does the hype they created by saying “they have created the most authentic GTR Racing simulation ever”? Read on to find out!

The first time I loaded the game up I noticed something that is very different from many of the other games around. Unlike many other racing games on the market, this game allows players to get down and dirty fast, even in the arcade mode. What I mean by this is players will not have to go though a lot of tedious hoops to get the fastest cars; they are available right from the start for the player’s enjoyment. This also helps immerse players in how the game is going to be played, and not have to bother with trying to unlock a car, and just concentrate on winning each race.

There are a couple of different modes for players to get involved in once they load up the game. The modes you can play in are: Arcade, Semi Pro, and Simulation. In the arcade mode, players will be able to get down and dirty and start playing the game. This is a great way to start learning the basis mechanics of the game. There are several different options to choose from when you first start such as what difficulty you want to play in, and the difficulty levels really change the way the game is played, meaning the AI is not the only thing improved between each level.

First is the Sunday Driver which has damage control off, the computer will assist you a lot in turns and such, you will race against three cars and the AI is dumbed down. Weekend Warrior has damage control on low, computer assists is on high, you will race against five cars and the AI is fairly smart. In Speed Demon things really begin to pick up because damage control fairly high, the computer will assist from time to time, you will race against seven cars and the AI is smart. Finally, if you decided to play Alien on Wheels, you better know what you are doing. The damage control is fully done, any bump you take will show, the computer will rarely assist you, you will race against nine other cars, and the AI is an expert.

Semi-Pro is where things really being to take off, players will use this mode to help get adjusted to how the game is really going to be played, and once you get ready for the 100% real simulation of racing then you will be ready to take on the Simulation mode and all of its options. In the Simulation mode you will take care of everything, from tuning the cars in every aspect to make it perform the best under the circumstances.

Semi-Pro and Simulation have the exact same set of modes in them: What’s New, Race Weekend, Championship, and Open Practice. The What’s New category will keep players up to date with all of the current news and game updates. Race Weekend will allow players to compete in stand-alone races against the computer AI. Open Practice will allow players to take any car with any setup and learn the ins and outs of each track so it will help them prepare for the Race Weekend and Championship races. In the Championship races, players will compete against the computer to win the legendary FIA GT Championship. This is where you will put all of your skills to the test to see if you have what it takes to go all the way.

GTR FIA Racing is a very hard game to get the hang of. Since this game prides itself on being as realistic as it can be, controlling the cars will be just as it would in real life. This means that if you do not have a steering wheel you are really in for hard times. I tried the game with both the racing wheel and the keyboard, and it is near to impossible to do anything with the keyboard and be anywhere near first place to win the race. If you have plenty of patience you might be able to get the hang of using the keyboard, but then again having a steering wheel doesn’t mean that you are in for smooth sailing either. Even on the easiest modes the game will be very challenging for you. This is just due to the learning curve of driving cars that are supped up to this level. Once you do get the hang of how to drive in the game, you will be in for a real treat.

The graphics for this game are pretty well done. The car models and texture work on them make the cars shine and look pretty realistic. Even though this game looks really good, there has been a few games released that look a little bit better than this game. While this is not a bad thing in any sense because this game looks really good, has a nice selection of tracks that look like their real life counterparts, and many other things.

This game has some of the best sounds heard from a racing game of this caliber. All of the cars sound differently as you are stomping on the gas. Hearing the gear change is a real treat because you can actually make out the gears being changed in the engine; it is really surreal. The way each road sounds as you drive your car on them also is really realistic, especially if you run into the grass. The music in the game compliments it and gets the job done. If you have a good setup I highly suggest cranking it up because you will not regret it.

GTR FIA Racing is rated E for Everyone.

Even though the system requirements on the box are really pretty low, I can hardly image a person running the game at those conditions, because I have higher then the recommended ones and at times the game was sluggish, so I will list the recommended ones instead.
AMD/Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
512 MB of RAM
Windows ME/2000/XP
DirectX 9.0
128 MB of VRAM
1 GB of Hard Drive Space
Keyboard and Mouse.

Review Scoring Details for GTA FIA Racing

Gameplay: 8.6
The game is really fun to play, once you get the hang of driving super powerful cars around the track. Once you get past the steep learning curve you will be in for a nice treat. All of the cars feel slightly different and have nice handling. The computer AI will always provide you with a nice challenge.

Graphics: 8.5
If you compare GTR FIA Racing to many of the other racing games on the market, you will find that the graphics are lacking in comparison to them. While this in no way means that this game is ugly it just means that some of the textures aren’t as sharp as some of the other games currently available. Other than that the game looks really good and always gives you the sense that you are in a super high-powered sports car driving as fast as you can down the road.

Sound: 9.0
The different engine sounds are sound really authentic. It is like they are coming out of the real cars. Hearing all of the tires squealing on the payment, the supped-up engine as the gears are changing, and everything else sounds really real. The musical score is ok, but it could have been better.

Difficulty: Hard
If you do not have a racing wheel this game is going to be extremely hard for you to play. If you do the game will be slightly easier but not much, you will have to keep a constant eye on what is going on around you if you wish to be successful in this game.

Concept: 8.1
In a world where other games has gone “underground racing” crazy it is nice to see a more traditional racing game hit the scene. I really liked how the developers strived to keep the game as real as possible, which in turn makes for a really good gaming experience.

Multiplayer: 8.4

Gamers will have the opportunity to play online against other players from around the world. This is always better than playing against the computer AI.

Overall: 8.6
GTR FIA Racing is a really good racing that that should be in your PC games collection. The developers tried to make this game as real as possible and on many levels they succeeded. If you are a fan of racing games then I highly suggest that you should go out and pick up a copy.


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