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GridBlock (iOS) Review


GridBlock follows a simple premise: match up the colored blocks to the same colored spaces. But as in every puzzle game, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The game relies solely on the accelerometer, as in moving the iPhone dfferent ways to move the blocks around the virtual grid. The gameplay actually works very well in this regard, as the accelerometer only occasional feels a little “floaty” in the controls. Getting blocks unstuck while trying to move gently was a little on the hard, but nothing that would break the game or make it less enjoyable. This is a game that needs to be played while sitting stationary, since movement from a car, train, etc. could mess you up. You have to keep your device flat or you wont be able to play. If you're expecting to be able to play this while walking, you'll be disappointed.


GridBlock offers a nice variety of difficulties throughout its nine worlds, occasionally making the player think before they act. The difficulty ramps up from the beginning tutorial world quickly, making each world harder with more variety in gameplay. Besides finishing the level, the other goal is to collect coins scattered around the game. This is how you unlock the other worlds, by paying for them with the coins you collect.

Variety seems like a key point throughout the worlds, as game mechanics such as TNT blocks and ghost coins are revealed. Another tough one was the Chameleon world that introduced a game mechanism that switches your block colors to the color block you touched, making the game much harder. Tapping the screen makes the blocks jump into the air, sometimes to get over another block sitting in your way, or to change colors to finish the level.GridBlocked

When you download the game, you get the first two worlds for free. If you want to continue playing, it’s $2.99 for the additional seven worlds. For the price, GridBlock feels like a very good value for puzzle game fans, especially fans of accelerometer gameplay.

GridBlock is a fun game that has unique traits to it. It’s not a game that feels like a console title like some iOS games are trying for, but it feels like a natural fit for a game on an iPhone. Overall, GridBlock definitely gets my recommendation as a puzzle game and as something new and fun for your iPhone or Android device.

Did you play GridBlock? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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