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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent - PS2 - Review

When I first heard of another GoldenEye game, nostalgic flashes came into my head of the disfigured N64 controller, Big Head cheats, and….oh yeah…one of the greatest videogames ever developed!!!  But here I am, holding a copy of GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and I don’t want to continue playing it.  To be honest, EA Games messed up on what Rare perfected and everything from storyline to gameplay reeks of mediocrity.


The game drops you in the role of a rogue secret agent kicked out of the British secret service for “questionable practice.”  Auric Goldfinger recruits you from MI6 to fight against Dr. No, the man responsible for your eye.  Implanting a golden eye with special powers, you are on your way to defeating Dr. No for a chance to rule the world. 


Two things should be said about this game right off the bat; I have never played a FPS with this bad a control system and the games direction is going where you thought it was going to lead, a 007 villain hungry to dominate the world.  I felt like James Bond while playing because the only real objectives in each of the eight missions was to kill Dr. No’s henchmen and rarely throw innocent bystanders in the way to deflect bullets.  EA marketed this game, “Why Save The World When You Can Rule It”, which poorly captures the reality of what this game is.



A lot of features from new console shooters were added to RA, most notably dual wielding and a replenishing health bar (and if you are looking for these things, have you thought of a little game called Halo 2?)  One thing I immediately noticed was the control system.  There is no jump button, the aim always felt awkward, and the weapon selection options could have been configured better. 


When playing, you will go from enclosed rooms to larger enclosed rooms, shooting baddies on the way.  As challenging as this may sound, EA has thrown in a navigating arrow that tells you exactly where you need to go.  I found the game levels to be boring and tedious at the same time.  The weapons you can option are pretty much the standard guns you can sport in most games, with the exception of a few.  Tranquilizer guns definitely put a shock to your opponents and a wall-hacking railgun capable of taking out enemies in other rooms.



Another kicker is the special abilities of the golden eye implanted in GoldenEye.  You can see through walls, shield bullets, throw enemies with telekinesis, and hack into machines (and it’s a can opener on the weekends!)  Though a cool aspect of the game, the golden eye doesn’t play a big enough part to save the overall gameplay.  Besides single-player, there is a split screen option as well as online multiplayer.  But the gameplay is so boring compared to other multiplayer games out, it’s hardly worth the CD space it takes up.


The graphics are only a slight improvement compared to the gameplay, with outdated character skins and environmental design one would expect from a game made by independent developers and not the largest video game studio in the world.  The games sound is the highlight of RA.  The sound effects sound realistic with the exception of a few special effects and guns, the enemy speech is impressive at shouting specifics like “he’s behind the forklift” or “he’s using a shield”, and the games soundtrack does carry that Bond-flavor.


In general, this game is a huge disappointment.  Maybe I’m being too harsh.  Maybe Pierce got out of the James Bond franchise after seeing this game in action.  Whatever the case, slapping a “007 Presents” official sticker on the cover doesn’t make it Rare’s GoldenEye and doesn’t make it worth your 50 bucks.


Review Scoring Details for GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

Gameplay: 6
I knew there was a reason why FPS on consoles wouldn't work, and this is it.

Graphics: 6.5
Rogue Agent looks pretty bland and it's obvious a lot more development time could have been spent here.

Sound: 7
The game tracks are something you'll be trying to find on iTunes, but mixed with character dialogue and special effects it makes the best part of the game.

Difficulty:  Medium

Concept: 8

Multiplayer: 6
If you are looking at finding a good PS2 FPS online, I have a suggestion.  Trade in your system for a new XBOX and put down the cash for Halo 2.

Overall: 6
Not one videogame fan I know disliked GoldenEye on the N64.  Unfortunately this version of the classic title was a big disappointment.

Above Average

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