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Ghostbusters The Video Game - WII - Review

Four paranormal psychologists ruled pop culture in the 80s. Their name? The Ghostbusters. Their game? To exterminate “spooks, specters and ghosts” no matter how big (Stay Puft) or how small (Slimer). Yes, something about four guys in gray jumpsuits exterminating ghosts had sparked a fan base everywhere. After all the Ghostbusters' success, they dropped off the map until Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released on June 16 of this year.

In Ghostbusters, you will take control of a newly recruited unnamed member of the team. You are the rookie, but the rest of the original Ghostbusters must trust you because you take control of all the new gadgets and prototype weapons to combat the ghouls. The story takes place right where the second movie left off, and all of your favorite humor and ghosts are back. Yes, all of the original Ghostbusters are back, and so are Slimer and Stay Puft. As the plot unfolds for this new installment, you will immediately see you are in for a treat. The story is quite short, but it’s immersive and hooks you in right away. This title is a mix between action, adventure and a shooter, and will keep you with Wii-mote in hand until the very end.

The thing Wii players should know is that the art style is different from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The developers obviously changed the visuals to be more geared toward a younger audience, which the Wii attracts. Some people will probably bash these cartoony visuals, but it didn’t take away from the game at all. The humor was still there. The fun was still there, and it still was a very enjoyable experience.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is set up to where you play missions. You can play with one player or co-op with a friend. Each mission consists of completing the main task and also has a nice side mission you can do. You can look for hidden artwork, and then scan ghosts and ghouls for some extra fun. It isn’t all that important to the game, but it brings a hide and seek aspect to the game people will definitely enjoy. Did I mention in each environment, there is a major boss? Ghostbusters versus huge paranormal enemies, absolute perfection.

This title is all quality. The original cast members did the voice acting for their characters, and it was such a great trip back down memory lane. The Ecto-1 was featured in its original model, and players will not be disappointed in that.

Ghostbusters The Video Game Screenshot 

The players may be disappointed with some minor problems though. The problems arrive with the controls and somewhat monotonous gameplay. Most of the time, the Wii-mote and nunchuck combination works well, but sometimes the Wii-mote doesn’t control like you will want it to. You will still capture the ghosts; it just may take more time than you want it to. At first, capturing ghosts will be so new to you and some of the most amazing fun you can have. However, by the end of the game the captures become less and less fun, and end up very monotonous and boring. This excludes the boss battles where there is enough strategy to be challenging and fun every time.

Overall, Ghostbusters lives up to the hype. The game is all quality with just a few minor setbacks. Although it is shorter than most players will like, it is such a great re-visitation to the Ghostbusters world and players will be screaming for a sequel.

Gameplay: 8.5
Catching ghosts is really a lot of fun, and players will definitely enjoy it. Watch out for a little monotony though by the end.

Graphics: 8.0
Although the Wii has obvious graphic limitations, the developers delivered some visuals that were quite unique and fun.

Sound: 9.0
From the sounds of the proton packs to the sounds of the ghoulies, the audio to this game is absolutely magnificent. The voice acting by the original cast members also creates an experience Ghostbusters fans will enjoy.

Difficulty: Medium
The game is a nice balance between easy and challenging. With more of the simple ghosts, you will have no trouble, but the bosses can be difficult especially for a younger Wii player. (No worries though, there is an Easy difficulty.)

Concept: 9.0
Ghostbusters video games have been made before, but none have come close to the success of this game. Did I mention Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd wrote a lot of the game’s script?

Multiplayer: 7.0
Although there is no online multiplayer, you can bust ghosts co-op style with a friend.  

Overall: 8.6
Ghostbusters fans will finally get a game worth looking at. It did take a while, but it is finally here. If you aren’t a fan of Ghostbusters, don’t worry. This title will be considered one of the better games for the Nintendo Wii, and anyone will have fun busting ghosts once again.


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