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Fractured Soul Boxart
Review Rating 8.0 Great

Fractured Soul review

I didn't know what to expect from Fractured Soul. I knew it was available from the eShop and I knew it was a sci-fi...

GridBlock Boxart
Review Rating 8.5 Great

GridBlock (iOS) Review

GridBlock follows a simple premise: match up the colored blocks to the same colored spaces. But as in every puzzle game, it...

Spirits  Boxart
Review Rating 3.0 Poor

Spirits review

At first glance, Spirits looks a little like Botanicula, a game that independent developer Amanita Design released earlier...

Splice Boxart
Review Rating 7.5 Good

Splice review

Splice is a game that's not afraid to melt your brain. It successfully throws highly challenging puzzles right at you,...

Space Holiday Boxart
Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Space Holiday (iOS) review

Space Holiday is a charming puzzle game that tasks you to connect various stars without having any meteors in...

Thomas Was Alone Boxart
Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Thomas Was Alone review

We all have fears and obstacles we can't conquer by ourselves. We're fragile, vulnerable beings who sometimes need a...

Quantum Conundrum Boxart
Review Rating 7.0 Good

Quantum Conundrum review

Quantum Conundrum has some massive shoes to fill. Being the next puzzle game from the mind of Kim Swift, Project Lead on the...

Botanicula Boxart
Review Rating 8.0 Great

Botanicula review

Botanicula is a rare experience, but how well does it sustain all that makes it unique?

Shifting World Boxart
Review Rating 5.0 Average

Shifting World review

This Nintendo 3DS puzzler features some rather cool mechanics, but is it worth the frustration?

Fez Boxart
Review Rating 9.5 Amazing

Fez review

Five years in the making, Polytron’s platformer finally arrives – and truly mesmerizes.

Puddle Boxart
Review Rating 7.0 Good

Puddle Review

An independent favorite finally gets a release, though its difficulty may leave you feeling drenched.