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Gangsters 2 - PC - Review

Welcome to the SimMafia world of Gangsters 2: The Mobsters Sin.  You are the dark and brooding Joey Bane and you’re on a mission to avenge the death of your father at the hands of local mob forces.  But once you mess with the Mob there’s no turning back.

Installation was simple and quick.  In addition, the Installation screen offers you the first glimpse of what passes for graphics in this game.  The still shots aren’t bad but they’re not particularly good either.  And that’s the story with the graphics throughout the game.  Short animated sequences between each mission help to push the overall graphics to just above average, but there certainly not there to be the focus.  This is a simulation style game after all so as long as the gameplay is good it really shouldn't matter.  Unfortunately, the gameplay is marred by an awkward control system that requires constant micro management of multiple targets, and an annoying way of layering the map so that buildings disappear and reappear all the time.

There are however some upsides to this game.  Among them are the sound effects.  I could listen to the dying yells of enemy Mobsters all day.  In addition, large sections of spoken dialogue and the film noir style animations help to give you a feel for the gritty personality of this game.  Other effects such as the use of chalk outlines also add to the Mob world feel.  But perhaps most importantly you get to play a Mobster.  You get to join the ranks of people like Al Capone, Meyer Lanski and Bugsy Segal.  This is the world of Elliot Ness and the Untouchables.  And it is arguably one of the most interesting periods in American history.

However, even highlights like these cannot overcome the overwhelming mediocrity of this game.  It’s neither good nor bad.  Take it or leave it.  But if you like Mob movies, if the word "Prohibition" brings images of blazing Tommy guns to your mind, and if you have the patience this could be a game for you.

Install: Easy
Autorun install process minimizes any difficulty

Gameplay: 6
Awkward controls.

Graphics: 6 
Not the greatest graphics but for a sim style game they suffice.  Also the way in which the building graphics layer is annoying.  

Sound: 7
A lot of spoken dialogue though it is slightly stilted.  Otherwise the sound effects an music are pretty good.

Difficulty: 9
I had it on easy and found the game challenging.  Most of this however comes from control problems.

Concept: 8 
Classic concept of 1920's fame revamped and made accessible to everyone.

Multiplayer: 7
If you like the game then playing against others who enjoy it would probably be a lot of fun.

Overall: 6
Its a decently done game but it offers little to highlight its less than average graphics and poorly designed control system.


Above Average

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