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Fun Mayas Game


First time when I played Escape From Xibalba Free for iPhone, I thought: "wow! the art looks interesting and the gameplay is fun". At the beginning I got a little confused with the controls but after playing the whole tutorial, I got used to it real quick, and then I decided to download the paid version for iPad. The game consists in 40 levels, all labyrinths and puzzles you have to solve in order to jump to the next stage. There are some levels particulary difficult than the others, with crazy skeletons running into you to kill you and lots of explosions and statues throwing fire or weird lizards spraying ice through their mouths. It took me some hours to finally get to the final level, where a giant skeleton wearing a sort of stone armor, was running after me all over the stage trying to kill me. You have a lot of weapons, items, and objects scattered in the scenario that you have to use to cause damage to Hun Came (the name of the final boss). The game art is pretty cool and different and I would have added more of these bosses in the middle of the game instead of only one final boss. The ending scene is a little poor, but well, in average it's a fun game. I would rate it as: just good and amusing. By the way, the iPad version looks way better (obviously) than the iPhone version, since it's in HD. I really hope Kimbomba Games release soon a version for Retina display, though.


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