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Full of quests, nice people and pretty graphics

This is an online rpg with nice 2d graphics. From the start you get guided with a tutorial or you can explore the world yourself. It's a really big world so it's a good idea to listen to the non playing characters and take a look at the manual so you don't miss anything. Most of this is hinted to you automatically when you start, which is here, in an old guard's house. Once you start doing quests it's a good idea to use your Travel Log to keep track. That's accessed from one of the buttons on the top right. Just be careful to stay within your abilities early on and always carry food and, if you can afford them, potions and scrolls. Otherwise, run fast!! If you die you do respawn but you might lose valuable items that you had looted. You come back out in a temple if you die. There have been quite a few raids since I started playing and the website mentions quizzes too. Come and join, it seems like new players are always welcome and there can't be too many of them :)


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