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From Dusk Till Dawn - PC - Review

In From Dusk Till Dawn you play the infamous Seth Gecko, vampire slayer extraordinaire, a death row inmate on the most secure prison facility in the world.  Forget Alcatraz, "The Rising Sun" is a converted oil tanker that sails the seas holding only the most hardened criminals.  Capone wouldn't have lasted ten minutes, especially after the Vampires show up.  It seems some idiot had the brother of a powerful vampire sentenced to a term on "The Rising Sun" and the Vampire has come to settle the score.  The good news is your sprung.  The bad news is, the place is infested with vampires.  But what the hell, its nothing you haven't dealt with before.

The game stands alone from the movie, although there are bonuses for those who've seen it (watch out for the band).  Installation was easy but I did deal with a few technical problems while playing.  A few times I experienced unexpected crashes or extreme stuttering of sound or graphics.  But overall these defects didn't occur often enough to ruin the game.  This first person or over the shoulder shooter (they allow you to switch between the two at will) offers an interesting array of weapons and effects like the laser lights making shooting much more accurate, a disc shooter (so much easier to stake a vamp when it has no legs) and of course the wrist loaded wooden stake.  The fact that most vampires have hearts that you can shoot (though you can target legs, arms or heads) encourages accuracy, and the addition of mission based scenarios moves this game more into the genre of Half-Life than Quake or Doom.

The controls were easy to pick up and the graphics while not incredible were at least fun to watch.  The addition of the occasional bullet time scene after a particularly nice shot was great but there were also times they went overboard with the camera work.  The death scene is a never-ending animation that I found annoying.  But it is easily overcome by jumping to the menu screen and loading "your guns". The music was varied and perfectly matched the atmosphere of the game.  I loved the music switch when you first use the Gattling gun.

While I enjoyed the concept, the plot and characters weren't particularly well developed or even believable at times but then again this is inspired by "From Dusk Till Dawn" the movie.  Which brought us such items as the jackhammer powered stake through the heart and the mariachis of death.  So I guess there's no complaining.

From Dusk Till Dawn does a good job of capturing the style of the movie while transporting the main character to a new place with new companions.  While you don't need to have seen the movie to play this game I’m sure it will enhance your experience.  Now stop reading and go kill those *censored* Vampires!

From Dusk Till Dawn is rated Mature but also includes a parental lock for worried but blood thirsty parents.

Install: Easy
Some technical problems after installation.  Graphics/Sound stuttering and game crashes occasionally.  Save often.

Gameplay: 8.5
Great elements like body parts targeting on Vamps and an easy learning curve.

Graphics: 7.5 
Bullet time scenes, detailed models.  Not the best but making a good effort.

Sound: 8.5
Could have been better but not by much.

Difficulty: 8
Forces a good balance between mindless carnage and strategy.

Concept: 8 
Campy and cool just like the movie.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 8.5
While not quite at the top of the action game pile, this is one that won’t be in the bargain bin anytime soon.



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