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Flight! (iPhone) Review


Flight! Is an iOS game about throwing a paper airplane the furthest in your quest to beat your high scores and other scores around the world. While this may not sound like fun at all (and it isn’t before you start unlocking upgrades) sticking with the game through the semi slow beginning is advised.

As I mentioned above, the beginning of the game had me rolling my eyes in boredom. Luckily your paper airplane can be equipped with such power-ups as steering, boost, and sturdier paper in order to fly the furthest and to collect the most money and stars. The game gets really addicting when you’re close to the next upgrade you’ve been trying to get, and will keep players busy when they want to game on their iPhones.

After you’ve acquired a few of the many upgrades for your plane, it’s time to fly. Simply swipe your finger forward to launch the paper plane in the air. If you have the steering upgrade, you can tilt the iPhone forward and backward to try to collect money and stars. If you have boost enabled, you can hold the screen down with a finger to pick up speed, just be cautious of your boost meter.


It is a very rewarding experience to see your plane start from being terrible, to upgrading it and shattering your previous records. It’s not rewarding if you spend actual money and buy all the upgrades via micro transactions, which I would not advise for this particular title.

For 99 cents, the value is certainly there for this game. I had a good time playing Flight! but I would like to see more power-ups and longevity in future patches. Some new challenges would do wonders for the game, as I seemed to move through it pretty quickly

Simply put, Flight! Is a fun game that will last you for a few hours. It’s not in the same category as some top iOS games, but it is definitely worth your time and your dollar.

Are you planning to buy Flight!? Let me know in the comments below.

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