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Fire Emblem Fates Review

Once, twice, three times the factions

My first real exposure to the Fire Emblem series was through 2013's Fire Emblem Awakening. As I've learned much later, Awakening was a lot different from its predecessors, opting for a lot more streamlined gameplay and simplified gameplay elements. Fates continues this tradition, sure, but it does add some more complex layers and mechanics that make it seem like an evolution of the previous game.

Fates is unique in the way it's presented. Instead of one core game, we essentially have three, that branch out after a certain chapter in the game, giving the player a choice of which of the two factions to side with; Your birth family who you were taken from at a young age, the family you've known your whole life that raised you, or siding with neither and starting your own. Currently, those who buy the Special Edition of the game are the only ones who can access the third campaign, and the rest will be able to get their hands on it March 10. Though that is the perfect amount of time for players to go through either one, or both of the choices.

I'm thankful that Nintendo was kind enough to send me over the Special Edition which allowed to get a feel for all three of the included campaigns.

Let's take a look at what makes this next entry in the Fire Emblem series great, what falls flat, and our final verdict

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