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FIFA Soccer 10 - 360 - Review

Electronic Arts has delivered a fantastic soccer title with FIFA Soccer 10. They have fine-tuned the areas that were needed from FIFA Soccer 09 and have listened to the demands of the fans. The manager mode has received a plethora of improvements, the 360 dribbling system allows for better control of the ball, and the all-new Virtual Pro mode is a godsend for soccer fans. To simply put it in a few short words, FIFA Soccer 10 is one of 2009’s better sports titles. 

Covering what should turn out to be the most important feature of FIFA Soccer 10, the Virtual Pro mode is highly impressive. Granting full control to the player over their professional footballer, FIFA 10 allows players to create their pro and strive to become a virtual legend on the field. The Virtual Pro permits gamers the chance to create a player, place him on any team of their choice and use that player in any offline game mode.  


To further customize their player, gamers can use the Photo Game Face feature that has been found in Tiger Woods and Fight Night to create a likeness that is closer to their real life appearance. As the gamers develop their player, they are able to improve their avatar by completing over 200 accomplishments that unlock upgrades to attributes, skill moves, and various other traits. Players can even take their player online and compete in the EA Sports 10 v. 10 Pro Club Championship mode that gives gamers a chance to join in one of the 11 regional leagues and help their team climb to the top of the World Leaderboard. 

If gamers aren’t interested in creating their own virtual pro and would rather run a club by their own, the Manager mode is now a viable option for gamers to invest their time into. If players start out with the lowly Los Angeles Galaxy, they should expect hesitation by the world’s best players to join the team via free agency or transfers due to players wanting to play for the best teams, best coaches, teams that will grant them playing time and the like. Each player has multiple critiquing areas where they’ll examine each club and determine if it’s a good decision to join said team or not.  


Mimicking real life, the simulated match results aren’t as easy to predict with the lower teams getting the best of the high-profile teams if they are on a hot streak or have strength in an area that their opponent has a weakness. The only issue that should be recognized is that the stat-tracking isn’t to a satisfactory level. Dynasty aficionados won’t find the blessing to analyze each and every player on their team as after each season, the stats reset. In the future, better stat-tracking will be needed to be implemented so gamers can keep a close eye on the development of their players and which player is performing to their skill level.

The self-described “first-ever true 360 degree dribbling system” is one of the focal points of FIFA Soccer 10; and, boy, did it ever help improve the final product. The passing and dribbling on the field has improved and helps create a more competitive environment for soccer fanatics. Gamers who are trying to split two defenders hawking the ball can now figure out a way to escape the constant pressure and advance the ball forward into the offensive side of the field. The animations that were presented were smooth and, when stealing the ball from an offensive player, the ball transitioned cleanly to the opposing defender. The general intelligence of the computer A.I. was always up to par and there are sliders to make it more difficult for the more advanced gamer.


Technically speaking, the graphics and audio performed well enough to create an authentic experience. The audience gets loud for home teams, the music is thoroughly enjoyable, and the stadiums give off the “live” vibe. Gamers should eat and breathe soccer after they boot up FIFA Soccer 10 – it’s a real treat to any hardcore fan that has been following the series since its beginning. The lighting and facial details have never been better for the series, so even if it was a cloudy day, the improvements are clear to see. 

So strap in and get ready for one of the best soccer games on the Xbox 360.

Gameplay: 9.3
The tightened controls and improved manager mode pave away for some of the best moments in a sports title in 2009. 

Graphics: 8.5
At times, the game removes gamers from the virtual environment and places them in a world all of their own.  

Sound: 8.7
There are 34 tracks that make up the soundtrack with songs contributed by: Afrobots, Wyclef Jean, Peter Bjorn and John, Santigold, Bomba Estereo, Datarock and many more. 

Difficulty: Medium 

Concept: 9.0
Electronic Arts Canada put a lot of effort in developing a complete soccer title. Their dedication proves to be successful with FIFA Soccer 10

Multiplayer: 9.4
Improved matchmaking helps create a robust online multiplayer.

Overall: 9.0
FIFA Soccer 10
is the sports title of 2009 that needs to be played by every gamer. Offline and online, EA has made sure they covered every area to assure an entertaining time for gamers.


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