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Far Cry Primal Review

Seriously, don't f*ck with the Badgers

When Far Cry 4 graced my console, I fully expected to unleash chaos in the Himalayan-inspired Kyrat, while mostly enjoying the same old activities I've grown to love in Far Cry 3. I totally did. Far Cry 4 certainly added some refinements from its predecessor, but when looked at as a whole, it was largely a similar experience to the 2012 shooter.

However, I do commend Ubisoft Montreal with trying out something different with Blood Dragon, a spin-off game running on the same engine as Far Cry 3. The entire game was a parody of FPS games, pop-culture, and 80s and 90s references. It worked. But perhaps it worked because it still used the same foundation as the fantastic Far Cry 3.

I will admit that Far Cry Primal hasn't been on my most anticipated list. I was more eager to know what the folks at Ubi Montreal would do for the next numbered title in the series. I also wasn't too thrilled with the time period. Something about the Stone Age didn't seem all that appealing to me.

Upon my first few hours with the game, my mind was completely changed, and if anything, has proved that the mechanics first introduced in the previously numbered core Far Cry titles, make even more sense this time around.

Let's take a look at where Far Cry Primal exceeds its predecessors, where it falters, and our final verdict.

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