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Early Bird Review


I know what you’re thinking, another f*%!ing game about birds. Before you write off this familiar concept, I strongly suggest you give it a chance. Unlike other bird games out there, Early bird really does pose a difficult challenge. The game is not easy and will test your accuracy and timing. The formula of the game is straightforward: swipe to control your bird, gather worms and make it to the landing pad. You can even swipe mid-air to give your bird that extra oomph. You have a limited number of swipes per level so use them wisely. You can earn up to 3 stars per level but considering the challenging nature of this game, I was content with just passing.

The controls are intuitive but not perfect. It will take some time to get used to them and determine what the right amount of force is. If you swipe too lightly your bird will not go anywhere. If you swipe with too much force, your bird will overshoot the landing pad. You must find the perfect balance to help your bird gather the worms and complete the level. The entire game depends on the precision of your swipe. Finally my professional credit card swiping skills have proven useful.

You may breeze through the beginning levels but more challenging courses will force you to be strategic with every swipe. The elaborate courses have trickier construction but you also have the help of different widgets to reach the bulls-eye. There are flowers that act as trampolines to give you that extra boost and fans that will help push you in the right direction. Of course in addition to these aides there are also obstacles. Electric circuits and thorns will make your life a living hell as you try to get your bird to the bulls-eye. Momentum and timing are clutch as you attempt to keep your swipes to a minimum. Anxiety and desperation kick in as you watch your swipes diminish. You will root for your bird and cringe as he falls just short of the landing pad. If you are extremely talented, you can swipe with such perfection that the natural grooves of the course will do all the work. Don’t be fooled by the adorable graphics, this game is freaking hard! Though addicting! If you are in a serious relationship try not to ignore your significant other too much when playing.

There are 72 colorful levels across 3 worlds. The graphics are sharp and engaging. You will feel like you are trapped in a Disney movie and you will never want to leave. This is the perfect game to kill time in waiting rooms or when you are at the office pretending to work. The concept is cute, the graphics are beautiful and the controls come natural. I have never related to the expression the early bird catches the worm considering I dread waking up before noon but for this game I will make an exception.


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