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E.T. The Extraterrestrial Interplanetary Mission - PSX - Review

A sound, amazingly similar to “ooh,” and a plaintive “E.T.” accompanies every attack. Is this any way to treat a visitor whose only interest is in plants?

E.T. The Extraterrestrial: Interplanetary Mission is a release from NewKidCo for the PlayStation game console. It features most of the same graphical elements and animations familiar to E.T. fans on other console systems. It is an arcade-style game with mazes, monsters and adventure.

As the story goes, Elliott has helped E.T. escape Earth, and on his way home, our favorite alien botanist has taken several detours to expand the scope of knowledge for his people. According to the storyline, this mission will have an effect of the fate of the universe. You would never know that from the opening sequences and levels of this game.

E.T., woefully underpowered for a mission of such stature, seems bent only on collecting a wide variety of plants, fending off numerous foes, and making the world a better place for his presence in it.

Yes, the game is cute, and E.T.’s powers are amazing. The first levels serve as a tutorial, acquainting players with the alien’s powers – which include telekinesis, its incredible healing power and its heart stun, which can stop several creatures in their tracks. If the latter fails, then just throw up the arms, and waddle away a moderate rate of speed. E.T. trying to outrun some of these “monsters” is akin to an old Volkswagen bug trying to outrun a Lamborghini. At the start, it looks like it may work, but after a few paces, it becomes apparent this may be a lost cause. Hence, strategy becomes involved.

If injured enough times, E.T.’s skin turns white and it’s time to start a new game, or continue with another life.

This game features five different environments (including a Green Planet, Ice Planet, Desert Planet, Planet Metropolis and Earth – all are adequately named and need no explanation of what they look like) and a total of 15 levels. There are three levels of difficulty to challenge most players.

The controls are kept simple. The D-pad controls direction, triangle is for telekinesis (moving objects), O button is for healing, X is the heart stun and Square is to pick up items. The only other button involved is the R2, which helps E.T. run. The analog button will also control E.T.’s movements.

The sound elements are solid, but unexceptional.

Graphically this game features solid animation of E.T. and other creatures. The polygonal environments and plants may seem a little sharp, but that is to be expected. The environments are diverse and entertaining.

This is not the most challenging game ever created for the PlayStation, but it is a pleasant diversion.

Rated for Everyone, E.T. The Extraterrestrial: Interplanetary Mission will not be for every PS game player, but it will satisfy fans of the movie.

Install: N/A
This game requires one block of memory card space.

Gameplay: 7.5
This program is set up like a maze, with puzzles to solve to move along. The map boards do seem that big, but each level features a variety of challenges.

Graphics: 7.5
The animation is solid, and the diversity of creatures and plants are nicely rendered.

Sound: 7
The audio portion of this game is average for the platform.

Difficulty: 7.5
The controls are kept simple, and there are three difficulty levels. Look for a learning curve of 5-10 minutes.

Concept: 7
The game advances the E.T. story, but looks more like a simple vehicle for a game rather than a continuation of any story.

Overall: 7.2
This is a nice little program, certainly not all that challenging, but delightful for its animation of a benign alien creature and its charming ways.


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