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Drome Racers - PC - Review

This futuristic racing game has more than meets the eye as you race through the streets of the Drome. There are huge screen billboards, flying cameras, fantastic futuristic landscapes, and hidden surprises at every turn.

Based on the popular LEGOs toys series, Drome Racers, allows you the ability to build and modify your racer to your own specifications, then pit it, and yourself against the best Drome racers alive!

This game is a hidden gem for racing fans. While the title (LEGOS) suggests that this game may be best suited for the younger crowd (ages 7-12) I was more than pleasantly surprised to find this game both challenging and highly entertaining. DR uses highly detailed tracks and vehicles along with some good physics to give you a fantastic and fun racing experience, but it is the hidden goodies that will set this game apart from the others.

There are small green pads located on the ground at key points on the track, should your car pass over one of these pads you are instantly sped ahead at breakneck speed while you leave scorching hot flaming tire tracks behind. These are very useful for making those sudden passes on you opponents in the mad dash for the other power up pods.

Red Pods located around the track contain one of several "weapons" that may be used during the race. There are several types of missiles, some with lock-ons and some without, landmines, disrupter fields, and one that gives you the ability to fold up the wheels on your car and fly for a short distance at great speed. These red pods each contain only one weapon and you may only pick up one at a time. so you must first use the weapon you have before you may pick up the next.

Green Pods contain rejuvenating qualities that may replace or repair broken, damaged, or missing parts to your car or provide you with the ability to take extra damage. These are very important and must not be overlooked.

When you add these hidden goodies to the mix, then the racing becomes more about surviving than about winning. Proper utilization of the "Goodies" can also propel you from last place to first place in a very short time, of course the opposite is just as likely to happen also!

Single player, and Two player modes are available so that you can race alone or against your favorite buddy, no online or multiplayer is available. In single player you may select between QUICK RACE, CAREER, or ARCADE modes. The Quick Race lets you jump in to a race right away but has limited cars, tracks, and options. The Arcade mode lets you jump right into a race also but you have more cars, tracks, and the options of setting the race length and weather conditions as well. The Career mode is just that, you start out as a novice and must gain experience and win races to progress, this is also were you rack up enough points to actually build a car from scratch. Back in your shop you have a whole crew on your side, each with a specialty. Need some help? Just ask the appropriate member of your crew for some race winning advice.

While this game was designed for the younger racing crowd (I would say ages 7 to 12) I became hopelessly addicted to it in the time I was doing the review.

It has quite a bit to offer and is a blast to play. Good eye candy is hard to pass up and there is plenty of action in this game (Just be sure you don't set your graphics too high or the Gameplay will suffer, besides the game looks great even at lower video settings) I believe this is a great racing game for younger racers to start with and older more experienced racers might find it appealing also. Dog will give this game a thumbs up. Another great title from the boys over at EA Sports.

Game is rated for EVERYONE with Mild Violence (very mild)

Installation: Easy
(leave your video settings at default until you see how the game runs, then bump them up only until the Gameplay starts to suffer, then back them up a little and go for it)

Gameplay: 8
Gameplay is very simple in this game. Choose a mode and go for it! Controls are very straight forward and easy to use. Futuristic racing with a few goodies thrown in, great scenery, great concept. Nothing complicated here, only fun, fun, fun.

Graphics: 7.5
While there is nothing spectacular or new about the graphics in this game, they are rock solid and look good at even lower video settings. The graphics run smooth and without a glitch. Full of color and plenty of details to look at...if you have the time!

Sounds: 7
Solid sounds that fit the action. Futuristic and vibrant are two words that fit to describe the audio experience of this game.

Difficulty: Easy

Concept: 8
Great concept for a racing game, take LEGOs, add the futuristic racing theme with a bunch of high tech goodies and you have a great game that will keep you interested for hours at a time.

Overall: 7.5
Overall I was impressed with this game, it was easy to play, visually stimulating, sounds great, and was a ton of fun to play! Even though a game for the younger racers, this game held my attention and made me smile from ear to ear! Dog gives this one a thumbs up!


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