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Driver 2 - PSX - Review

Driver One is a great game, Driver 2 takes it a step further. It has the mysterious Vasquez, and a few other characters that are going to try and stop Tanner (you) from completing your mission in any way they can. In this sequel when you are on an undercover mission, you can get out of your car and walk around in the city you are in at the time; and if you get tired of walking, you can heist a vehicle. 

The graphics and sounds are very well done and the options for driving your cars are fantastic. There are 6 single player games and 4 multiplayer games, which are all set in different parts of the world and have different missions to complete. Each city has its own little collection of secrets for you to figure out and when you do, you can unlock new cars. 

One of the really great things about this game is the film director option which lets you watch replays of what you've saved OR you can cut and clip to your heart's content and make your own car-chase movies. Of course, you must be careful driving, because just like real life you can and do damage your car and yourself if you go around banging into walls and such. Add that to a timed challenge, trying to avoid police tails, and trying to stay alive, and you've got your hands full!

Install: N/A

Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 7
Nicely done

Sound: 8
Just like the real thing!

Difficulty: 7
It depends on the level you choose

Concept: 8
There's a lot to do in this game.

Multiplayer: 7
Adds a definite bonus when you can share the fun.

Overall: 8
It's a keep ya playing kinda game.


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