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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PC Review

Capcom's strange-yet-intriguing western-style RPG makes its debut on PC

Dragon's Dogma was seemingly Capcom's answer to the popularity of games like The Elder Scrolls and even the Souls games like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, the latter which came out a year before Dragon's Dogma. However, even though it seemingly borrowed some gameplay characteristics from those games, it still had a Capcom flair to it, from a slew of mechanics that were just as great, as they were odd.

I was unfortunate to have missed the boat on the previous releases on last-gen consoles, though from what I've read, the performance wasn't as stable. Though it looks like patience has paid off, since Dragon's Dogma and its expansion, Dark Arisen, has now made its way to PCs, complete with an unlocked framerate, and resolution capabilities up to 4k. Kudos Capcom, that's a PC port done right.

Aside from the fantastic port, however, what is Dragon's Dogma all about, and why the heck should you care about it? Let's spend some time going over the positives and negatives.

Also, you can check out our original reviews of Dragon's Dogma, as well as Dark Arisen, though keep in mind that some of the annoyances and issues have been fixed in the PC port.

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