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Don't Act a Zero, Join Soul of Guardian and Play a Hero

When I was first introduced to Soul of Guardian (SOG), I thought it would be a good game to pass a few hours in a day, little did I realise I would become hooked! I have made many friends and have enjoyed being part of a guild and the PvP aspects of the game are exciting and there are many events to test your skills. I think my favourite thing about SOG is that - as a micro payment game, you don’t have to pay money to have fun and progress further or quickly, it is as it should be. The mall and VIP payment options are a way to get a slight advantage over F2P players without making the game too easy or short-lived.

With the weekly improvements in game play and bug fixes, you can see that WSGame are committed to bringing the public a game which we want to play and possibly pay for. Even the cost of VIP1 is affordable and the bonuses which come with it definitely bring more to your gameplay. There are lots of places to explore, caves to accomplish and events to participate in while online so you can be in control of your own character creation and development. While levels one to 30 help you become familiar with the game through an automated tutorial, so you can learn as you level! I would and do recommend this game to my friends, it is a fun way to speed up that free time that would usually keep you bored. The only question you have to ask yourself is - do you have enough hours in the day for your new addiction?


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