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Disney's Peter Pan: Return to Never Land - PSX - Review

It's great to be a kid in this game based on the new chapter in Walt Disney's Peter Pan Return To Never Land. You control Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in search for the treasure map pieces that were sliced up by Captain Hook and scattered across Never Land. Battle Hook's pirate henchmen and other dangerous beings of Never Land to rescue the lost boy's and find the treasure before Hook get's it!

My eight year old loved making Peter Pan fly and destroying the enemies with his knife which he finds at the first level. Through out the game, Peter Pan's knife skills improve with experience. I thought a less violent type of weapon might have been more appropriate, the slashing of the seagulls seemed a bit extreme but then I suppose it wouldn't be Peter Pan.

The enemies include the gulls, chopper fish, pirates, sword stars, all-tied-up-pirates and explosive barrels. Starkey whom is a knife throwing expert. Mr. Smee, Hook's first mate and Captain Hook, the disreputable, disruptive, dastardly disaster of the seven seas.

The heroes of the game are Peter Pan, the magical boy who never grew up. Tinker Bell whom is a tiny pixie who can sprinkle pixie dust and Peter Pan's friends the Lost Boy's.

Use the directional buttons of your controller for easy game controls. Use the Never Land map to start new levels, save and load game data and to return to regions and levels you've already visited. When you find a question mark on the Never Land map, it's a secret place. At any time you can view your life guage which displays hearts, each heart represents one life. You lose one every time you're hurt but can restore lost hearts by hitting flowers.

The important items you can collect are the feathers, flowers and the special bonus film reel. You can buy items in the Indian Shop by paying for them with your feathers that you've collected while exploring.

The Never Land regions you will explore include hangman's tree where you learn how to fly, the mermaid lagoon, pirate's cove, Indian village, and skull rock.

The game does require that you can read well, the pop up boxes tell you what to do and not to do. It would be helpful for younger players if these instructions were given verbally.


Gameplay: 7.5
Challenging enough for most kids. A special bonus allow you to watch movie clips with the tickets you collect.

Graphics: 7
Colorful animation.

Sound: 8.5
The background music is fun and whimsical.

Difficulty: 7
Easy controls. Would be helpful for the child playing the game to be able to read well.

Concept: 6.5
A fun game for most ages.

Overall: 8
This game is just what you would expect and despite the violence involved it is a good game to compliment the Disney movie. A fun adventure with Peter Pan.


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