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Dark Souls 3 Review

Praise the Sun, indeed

I will admit that after the initial shock of "Holy shit, we just got a Dark Souls sequel" wore off, Dark Souls 2 wasn't really that great of a follow-up. Sure, sure, it could be that Miyazaki, the series' father, wasn't involved in the development process, but the game introduced a whole lot of changes, many for the worse, that the series didn't need. Still, I didn't particularly dislike Dark Souls 2, but the more I played it, the more I became disappointed with it, basically the exact opposite of how I viewed the fantastic Dark Souls, and in that same vein, Demon's Souls. Scholar of the First Sin was a decent update to the game, but in the end, unless you've already played through and beat Dark Souls 2, it isn't for you.

Dark Souls 3 feels like the proper sequel to the first game. A lot of the odd mechanics from the second title were scrapped; instead, the game manages to update a lot of the core systems from the first game, borrow some from Demon's Souls, and even add a little bit of Bloodborne flavoring. And even though it feels like the true successor, it doesn't completely discount the second game's existence, as there are plenty of references to that game and world as well.

What's most notable about Dark Souls 3 is that it's the first proper current-gen Dark Souls game, which didn't really hit me until I finally started playing it and noticed all those nuances from past games, but this time in gorgeous detail.

There's a lot to cover, so let's get on with what makes Dark Souls 3 a worthy successor, and potentially the final title in the trilogy.

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