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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge - PC - Review

Ok Red Alert 2 fans, Its finally here, the moment of truth.  Will Yuri’s revenge be nearly as good as Red Alert 2?  Will it hold up to most gamers anticipated needs?  Will it be the most incredible expansion ever?  My answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Here is an idea of what you get for your 30- something bucks.


New tech buildings:
Civilian power plant- you capture one of these it will greatly enhance your current power supply.  Machine shop- You capture this and all your damaged vehicles will automatically begin repairing regardless of location.  Secret tech lab- You capture this and you are able to build a special unit that you are not normally able to build.  Though the Hospital is not new, the fact that once you capture this, all your infantry units begin healing regardless of location.  (Now the hospitals are worth getting)


New Allied units and structures:

Guardian GI- when deployed cannot be crushed and fires a weapon used both for anti tank and aircraft.

Navy Seals- equipped with a machine useful against infantry and vehicles.  They can also plant C4 charges like Tanya, but not nearly as good looking!

Robot Tank- The main strength of this unit is that it cannot be mind controlled.  It can also hover over water.  The down side is they will cease to function with low power or if robot control center is destroyed.

Robot control center- builds robot tanks and can be built after war factory.


New Soviet units and structures:

Boris- Highly effective rate of fire is awesome against infantry.  He uses a laser designator to call in an air strike of Mig fighters to decimate any structure he lights up.

Siege Chopper- when flying its mobile and effective against enemy infantry units.  When deployed it reveals a massive weapon that will destroy stationary objects from a long range.

Spy plane- When the soviets build a radar, they immediately begin development of a spy plane.  When fully charged it can be deployed anywhere.  As it passes over the terrain, it reveals the shroud allowing the soviets to see new areas of the map.

Battle bunker- It really doesn’t have any defense of its own, but can be occupied by conscripts and has the effect of a garrison building.



I will list all the new units and structures here, but unfortunately I will not be able to elaborate much do to the vast number.

Yuri units:

Initiate, engineer, virus, Yuri clone, brute, Yuri prime, lasher tank, chaos drone, gattling tank, MCV, magnetron, Master mind, Floating Disk, Amphibious Transport, Boomer Submarine, Construction yard, Bio Reactor, Slave Miner, Barracks, War Factory, Submarine Pen, Psychic Radar, Psychic Reveal, Grinder, Battle Lab, Citadel Walls, Tank Bunker, Gattling Cannon (a couple of these are fantastic for air defense) Psychic Tower, Cloning Vats, Genetic Mutator, and Psychic Dominator.   More on these units at


What does all this mean?  New units + New strategies = A ton of fun

There are 14 new campaign missions (7 allied and 7 soviet) though rather short, very entertaining.  We still have the movie clips with all our favorite actors including my personal favorite TANYA!  She has lightened her hair a bit but still gorgeous!  Like any great sequel, bringing back the same characters and actors is important, and this is a job well done.  We still have all those great units on the allied and soviet fronts so don’t worry if you have your go on units like I do, they are still here.  Your strategy just might have to be altered a bit as there are many new changes to contend with.  The new Yuri Army cannot be played as a campaign, but can be used in the skirmishes as well as in multiplayer.


Multiplayer games have taken on a new twist as well.  Now your ranking can only be tabulated through quick matches.  The new quick co-op allows you to team up with another human player and tackle the computer AI.  You and you partner will fight against two computer opponents on a map with random settings.  You can also choose a multiplayer option called team alliance that uses maps specifically designed for team play. Each side has starting positions in close to each other allowing allies to begin in close proximity.


I can honestly say I would not change a thing.  When I hear expansion, this is what I have always envisioned, but have been let down.  Yuri’s Revenge has just raised the bar on what a good expansion is supposed to be!



Installation: Easy


Gameplay: 9.7

Smooth, fast fun, and from what I have found, bug free.

Graphics: 9.5

Ok, it might not be eye candy but the graphics are done very well.  Considering all the moving units and multiple battles going on, the graphics are excellent and do not require the latest video cards to enjoy.

Sound: 9.5

Some new voices and taunts, great music and sound effects.

Difficulty: 10

So many choices you can make this game as difficult as you can handle

Concept: 9.7

Everything an expansion should be

Multiplayer: 10

Easy to use and free!  New multiplayer modes and co-ops make this a ton of fun.

Overall: 9.7

At time of review…I wouldn’t change a thing!  WAY TO GO EA and WESTWOOD!!


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