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chick chick BOOM Review


Sometimes it’s fun to just get together with a couple of friends and have some good, clean fun playing video games. Titles such as Bomberman and WarioWare may not be incredibly deep, but they still manage to provide fast-paced thrills and even a few funny moments. Indie developer, tons of bits, has taken chick chick BOOM - a Flash game that was previously only playable online for a limited time - and turned it into a downloadable multiplayer title on the Wii that’s loads of fun when up to four people get together.

Things never get overly complicated in chick chick BOOM. Two teams are split up with one on the right side of the screen and one on the left. You can take on the computer, another human player, or go for a two-on-two bout with a couple of friends. Players take turns attacking and defending. While one player chooses from three offensive moves, the other player can defend against them and vice versa. It’s a simple structure, but it has a number of intricacies.

When the attacking player’s turn begins, that person can throw a bomb at the opposition, drop a massive weight, or send a vicious plant to take out some chicks. Selecting one of these options brings up a connect-the-dots minigame. Tracing the dots and pressing the A button unleashes the assault. The faster the attacking player traces the outline, the stronger the attack. Additionally, tracing the outline quickly allows the attacker to upgrade the severity of the action with extra features such as poison.

While all of this happens on one side, the defending player has the chance to protect his or her chicks. If, for example, a weight is falling, the player on the defensive can draw a horizontal line on the screen to block the anvil-like object. Health items may appear that cause both players to scramble for them. A special environmental attack may pop up, prompting both the attacker and the defender to try and use it to the best of their abilities. And,the offensive player can still sabotage the defensive player's protective techniques by drawing lines on the other side.

chick chick BOOM is a little on the hectic side, but in a good way. Despite its turn-based design, it still manages to keep both sides involved. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of variety past the different offensive and defensive tactics that can be employed. Each stage has its own environmental attack, but there are only three levels for players to duel on in total, so there’s not much in terms of surprises.

You would think that the small number of levels would detract from chick chick BOOM, but this is not the case. Aside from the standard, timed, and endless modes, there are plenty of extras in the game. Completing specific objectives such as earning a certain number of victories or winning with a set percentage of success rate in attacks unlocks additional chick teams. These rewards are purely aesthetic, but playing as the different chicks is still fun, and the prerequisites for unlocking teams adds some achievement-like goals to the game.

From a presentational standpoint, chick chick BOOM gets the job done in a harmless way. Characters and levels are colorful and have a noticeably Flash-like appearance. This isn’t a bad thing as the graphics work well for the game. The soundtrack is equally simple and enjoyable. Nothing in the game looks or sounds risky, but it’s still pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Players who take the time to complete the game’s goals, unlock different character outfits, and check out the added timed and endless modes are bound to have a blast for a good while. However, those who get together with a group of friends are likely to get the most enjoyment out of this title. It’s frantic, it has moments of hilarity, and it’s just plain fun. And although variety isn’t one of chick chick BOOM’s strong points, it’s still one heck of a download, and an easy recommendation.


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