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Career Creator Pro - PC - Review

The Sims universe is one that just keeps on evolving with expansion packs that offer various new (and much welcome) features such as the ones seen in Hot Date or Sims Vacation.  Still, even with all these extras, there are still certain things gamers would like to have a hand in creating and one of them is the careers your Sims take on.  In Career Creator Pro, you get a chance to fine tune an existing career or create one out of the blue.


While there are a number of careers already available from the start in the original Sims game and certain expansion packs also offer a few new ones, what would be more fun than creating your own career for your Sim family? You’re also in charge of the little details involved in each created career track so you can be as specific or as offbeat as you want.


First of all, think of a career you would like offered (job offers, for those who don’t know, are offered in the newspaper) or assigned to your Sim.  For example, we will take a newly created career as a Mafia Don.  You will be asked to describe the career and the things it involves, then enter ten jobs within that career of a mobster.  As you probably already know from playing The Sims, you start in a lowly starting position (making a meager salary) and make your way up the employment ladder--thus changing the job description in that particular career track.  You decide everything from the job description, salary, the type of vehicle that comes to pick you up, work hours and mood changes for each individual job.


The most unique part about this is what comes next.  You know those phone calls that offer good or bad news concerning your career?  Now you can design your own chance cards that can offer extra cash or extra points to your Sims’ Skills meter (e.g. creativity, body or mechanical) or both.  Then again you can make it bad news and take away money or Skills points. 


Next you simply come up with a file name, career description and activate the career and test it on a character.  When you play The Sims, you’ll find the new career available . . . it’s as simple as that.  Of course, if you don’t want to create a career from scratch, just modify an existing one to suit your liking.  But being able to share your created careers online makes up for it.  You can download careers you like or make careers available for others to download. 


Career Creator Pro gives gamers full creative control over the designing of career tracks for your Sims characters without being laborious.  It would have been nice if they had added new vehicles and outfits to go with the new careers, but that’s just me.  Otherwise, if you’re looking to add more spice to the careers of your Sims, this is a perfect addition.


#Reviewer's Scoring Details


Gameplay: 7.8
There really isn’t anything to the Career Creator except that it leaves the entire process all up to you.  Your career designs are your own and you can be as descriptive as you want to when it comes to explaining the jobs or the Chance Cards.  Just create and activate--it’s as simple as that.


You’ll need, of course, a copy of The Sims and you could use any of the expansion packs (Sims Hot Date, etc.) along with it.  And the new careers don’t effect the main game since it does not remove existing careers, rather it just replaces it with the ability to easily remove it whenever you want.


Graphics: N/A
There is only a plain-looking options menu to look at.


Sound: N/A
There’s not even a soundtrack that keeps you company.


Difficulty: Easy
The whole process couldn’t be more easy thanks to the Wizard-styled interface that offers explanations on everything you need to know to get started.  If you’re creating a new career or just modifying an existing one, the options are just a breeze to manage.  Gamers won’t have any trouble at all.


Concept: 7.6
The most overlooked aspect of the Sims is that you cannot see them in the workplace, still it’s enjoyable watching your Sim get promoted and move up from delivery person to top executive.  So being able to create a career for your creations, setting your own time and salary, just makes the career part of the game a lot more interesting.  And the fact that you can share careers online with fellow Sims players is also a plus.


Overall: 7.5
Looking to give your Sims a career makeover then Career Creator Pro is the right tool for that.  With total control over the designing process, it gives enough room for gamers to get as creative as they want.


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