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Captain America: Super Soldier Review (3DS)


When Captain America: Super Soldier came out in theaters this summer, Sega released a startlingly good movie-based game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that let players control the shield-throwing patriot as he battled Arnim Zola and his fellow soldiers in a Nazi-packed castle.  Now, in time for the movie’s home release on DVD and Blu-Ray, Sega has brought the Avenger to the 3DS with another game based on Super Soldier.  It too has its moments that keep it from being movie-licensed drivel, though it doesn’t quite live up to the same level of greatness as the other versions.

Captain America: Super Soldier 3DS

Part of that is the distracting use of 3D itself.  Like the previously released Thor: God of Thunder, Sega was trying to go a little too much “all out” when it came to integrating 3D effects into the game.  As a result, you’re likely to get distracted easily, particularly with some of the Captain’s sudden movements, such as swinging on pole.  It’s also easy to misjudge the location of some enemies as a result.  You can turn the 3D off with the slider, and the game works slightly better, but just make sure you switch it back for the on-rails running segments, which actually looks decent in the format.  (We just wish the look worked full-time.)

As for the gameplay, it’s divided into sections.  Along with the running maneuvers, you’ll also see some cool flying sequences, plenty of beat-em-up action, and puzzle solving.  While it sounds like that’s a pretty diverse package, it does get a little old after a while.  Captain’s “smack enemies around, move along, and smack up some more” gets old after the first twenty minutes or so, though comic book fans who like that sort of thing won’t be so annoyed by it.  To be honest, you can power up some combos to make the Cap’n more efficient in battle, especially when it comes to shield throws.

The puzzle-solving plays its own part too, though it’s hardly the kind of elaborate “I need to think this through” puzzle set-up.  It’s a matter of flipping switches and figuring a way around parts to reach the next area, and only takes about a minute or so.  Still, it does add a little something else to do, aside from the beating up.

Controls work fine, though there are times it feels like the Captain is on autopilot, particularly when it comes to jumping around ledges.  This does prevent errors from happening with the segments, but there’s a slight feeling of disconnection here.

Aside from 3D issues, the graphics don’t look half bad, and the level design is spot-on when it comes to capturing the tone of the Marvel universe that Captain America stems from.  The audio isn’t bad either, with plenty of voice samples and decent music that won’t drive you batty over time.

Captain America: Super Soldier 3DS

That said, once you’re done with it, which should only take about a few hours, there’s little reason to go back.  You can unlock additional outfits, but outside of that, there are no bonus clips, no new modes, not really much of anything.  That’s hard to swallow considering the $40 asking price.

Though Captain America avoids falling in the pile of crappy movie-to-game adaptations, it can’t quite justify its high price tag.  It’s a decent brawler, and the extra segments, particularly the on-rails segments, are noteworthy.  However, the 3D is more distracting than supplemental, and the lack of replay value leaves this firmly sitting in rental territory.

Above Average

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