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Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO - GC - Review

The time has finally arrived; a true Capcom fighting game has finally hit the GameCube. Capcom vs SNK 2 EO is a combination of many years worth of fighting games, it is 2D gaming at its high life. The game combines over forty-four different characters from Capcom and SNK fighting universes and pits them against each other. With new fighting styles, and a new "groove system" will this game be worth your time, or is it better to wait for something else?

The Street Fighter series, has been around for a long time, had myriad of updates, and improves upon each new game. Capcom has mastered the formula for 2D fighting games, and it really shows. This new version combines the best of two fighting games, SNK characters and Capcom characters in one area, for an all out 2D slugfest. This game is a 2D fighters dream with all the combos, supers, and myriads of other things, these games are well known for. This game would be the perfect game if it were not for one little problem, the GameCube controller.

When developing the GameCube controller, it is a wonder that the executives at Nintendo did not realize that they created a monstrosity that is absolutely horrible for playing fighting games! The D-pad is too small to do any real moves with it. The buttons are really intrusive and hard to hit when you are in a bind. The analog pad is not good enough to do the precise moves with. The other hard buttons to hit are the top left and right shoulder pads. They are near to impossible to use when in a tight situation. After playing for a while, gamers will get accustom to it, but it still is not the same compared to other controllers on the market.

To compensate for the poor controller design Capcom put a new fighting style to be used with the controller called the GC-ism. This is a control scene for players who do not know how to play fighting games. Players use the C stick to make all the special moves, which makes the game extremely cheap. This simple move totally over compensates for everything wrong with the controller, and makes the game almost seem pointless.

The grove style brings a whole new level of gameplay, and greatly affects each player's styles. The different groves are: C, A, N, P, S, and K grooves. The C-groove is super combo level gauge system. The characters gauge will build up as players attack, and depending on the how high the levels are, the more super combo's players will perform. A-groove is the custom combo gauge system; it builds up as players attack. Players can use a level 1 super combo by only having 50% of the gauge full. With this system, players can perform custom combos they made with ease. N-groove is the advanced power gauge system. When the gauge is full, players can use one super special move. Once it is all the way powered up, they can perform a MAX super move. The P-groove mode is the super combo system; when the gauge is full, players can perform a level 3 super move. S-groove is the groove gauge system. Holding the HP and HK buttons will charge the groove gage. When it is maxed out, players can use many different super moves. Finally the K-groove is the rage system. The gauge will fill up as players attack or just defend the game. When it is maxed out, players can perform a MAX super move.

The games graphics are extremely dated. But while playing the game I had to remember that this game has been around since the early nineties. It has the classic animation from Ryu's mighty " Hadouken" to Ken's "Shoryuken" and it brings back loads of memories of playing these games with my friends, when I was younger. The backgrounds used are very well integrated to bring back the nostalgic feelings of these early fighters. With all the action going on in the backgrounds, the characters movements, and all of the special effects going on, the game does not show any slow down. This is a big plus for this type of game, because timing is everything.

The game modes are Arcade, Survival, Training, Verses, Reply, and Color Edit mode. Arcade is where one to two player fighting more. Fight against CPU players to advance in the game story. Survival mode is a one-player mode, where players fight hordes of enemies, seeing how long they can last. Training mode lets players become familiar with the game, and practice super moves and create their own combos. Verses mode is what the game is all about. It is where you and a friend will fight it out to see who the best is! Reply mode will let players watch replies of previous fights. Color Edit mode will let players modify different characters colors, to their own preferences.

Capcom vs SNK 2 EO is rated T for Teen. It requires 9 Blocks on your memory card and two players can play simultaneously.

Gameplay: 6.5
The GameCube controller is NOT a good controller to use for fighting games! It has a horrible layout, and the D-pad is extremely too small to be practical. The game offers a lot of extras, player modes, and many other things that will keep players coming back for more if they can get around the controller issue.

Graphics: 7.0
The game is extremely dated in comparison to other fighters out on the market. It is this factor that makes the game unique though, because Capcom makes the best 2D fighting games around. There is not slow down either, which makes it really nice in those extremely harsh situations.

Sound: 6.5
The sound used is just what one would expect in an arcade. It is over exaggerated and it really fits with the whole game. When players make a connection in the combos, the sound will get louder and more intense. It is used really well, but it is a little out dated.

Difficulty: Easy
The computer AI is a little easy, but the GameCube controller is just not made for fighting games. With that GC-ism controller scheme, it makes the game entirely too easy, and takes the fun out of it.

Concept: 6.5
The game concept is a little old, and has that been there done that feeling about it. It is always nice to have an old school fighting game in any gamers collection though.

Multiplayer: 7.5
The game is more of a two player game than anything else. It is a great multiplayer game that gamers will be playing for sometime. Nothing is better than playing a fighting game with your friends!

Overall: 6.6
The game would have been extremely more enjoyable if it was not for the GameCube controller. The controller will prove to be very frustrating and the other configuration really cheapens the game! It is such a shame that the controller really hampers a great game. I suggest this game only if you are a hardcore 2D fighting gamer and you must own it for your gaming collection.

Above Average

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