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Bovinalina's Language Extravaganza - PC - Review

Practice foreign language verb conjugation with this simple but cute program for kids.

Bovalina's Language Extravaganza is a teaching tool designed primarily as a supplement for an existing foreign language curriculum. Published in four different languages (French, Spanish, Italian and German), this game allows users to toggle back and forth between their chosen language and English. Gameplay consists of phrases or sentences presented in English with a translation in the chosen language offered. Players can pick the current translation as correct or incorrect, which will prompt the program to offer a new translation with the same choices. Once a certain number of correct choices have been made, players can then play an arcade game.

A manual is included on the CD, and there is also a Custom section wherein teachers can customize the content. Options include the ability to turn off the music.

Ohio Distinctive is a well-known publisher of affordable school educational software. Most of their programs are fairly simple, consisting of question and answer sessions, sometimes interspersed with an easy arcade game. The big plus for schools here is the very low price range ($5-$10) and the low system requirements. The quality of their products vary from mediocre to very good. Bovalina is one of their better programs, with nice graphics and cute music, plus amusing sound effects from Bovalina the cow herself. The arcade game isn't terribly exciting, but is fun enough (move Bovalina around and catch fruit).

Install: Easy
No installation as such is necessary.

Gameplay: 7
Simple, no frills gameplay with educational focus that is still fun to play.

Graphics: 7
Vibrant graphics, but not much animation.

Sound:  7
Cute music, but nothing to get excited about.

Difficulty: 7
The difficulty level is decided on by choosing verb phrases or sentences. The interface is extremely easy.

Concept: 6 
The concept has been done many times before.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 7
An effective method of practicing a foreign language in a school setting, this program is one that kids will enjoy playing for short amounts of time. Teachers will love the price, and kids will like the break from the books.


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