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Blade Kitten review


The title alone sounds like a game that was made specifically for me, but 10 minutes into the game and I knew I was poorly mistaken. Blade Kitten’s frustrating controls combined with its repetitive gameplay make this downloadable title one that could be skipped.

To receive the most enjoyment out of Blade Kitten, you will have to be a fan of comic books or a fan of the anime-style artwork. Guess what, I am a fan of neither. And you know what, just because a game looks like an anime, has that dialogue that is in the form of broken English and supported by poor voice acting, does not mean the game is charming or an instant hit. Blade Kitten is the perfect example of that -- an oddity that tried a little too hard to impress.

In this 2.5D (is what they are calling it nowadays?) action-adventure, you play as a half cat, half chick bounty hunter named Kit. Enveloped with a difficult-to-follow story -- as well as the aforementioned dialogue -- Blade Kitten makes little to no sense when it comes to the plot. Kit travels with her sidekick, a floating creature named Skiffy who assists with accessibility to into hard-to-reach areas and also triggers switches. Kit also has a floating blade that follows her around, which she uses to dispose of the baddies, as well as triggering various other switches. Simple, but yet trite.

For the world that was created, it's painfully obvious that someone was watching way too much Star Wars throughout the development process. The shop-keeper looks similar to a character right out of Episode 1 but talks like Jar Jar. Oh and how about the Tan Tans (in this game they are called “Noots” ) that you can ride in the game? Just saying.

Overall, there are no redeeming values to Blade Kitten. It wasn't charming, witty, well thought out or exciting. The controls were annoying and the combat was nothing more than button-mashing. Unless you are a die-hard anime fan and will like anything as long as it’s in the same vein and has that annoyingly bad dialogue, then you might like Blade Kitten. I, however, did not.


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