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Battleship: Surface Thunder - PC - Review

Gamers man your stations!! This version of Battleship from Hasbro is the ultimate battle game to ever hit the PC. So many of us enjoyed playing the original version; well I promise you that the original, though fun, was tame compared to this.

This 3D version has plenty of punch, pow and fast paced play. You are given several options of play. You can play online, play up to four people or play against the good old PC. Every option (I tried all three) is challenging -- and talk about play being fast and furious!

The original game featured a 10 X 10 grid and so does this one. However, if you want a quicker game, it also has an 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 grid. Once you have chosen the grid and the player option you want, you are ready to battle the enemy! If you chose the classic mode, the set-up is pretty much like the original. You and your opponent will set up 5 ships, from PT boats to the piece de resistance, a battleship! Take turns and take your best shots. The sound effects are unbelievable, from the realistic sound of an explosion when you hit the opponent's ship, to the whoosh of water when you miss!

If classic is not the way you want to go, then head on over to the arcade mode. This mode makes you feel as if you are either in an arcade or have one in your home. Although the sound effects are great in the classic mode, wait until you hear them in arcade style! Unbelievable!!

An adventure is already set up for you in the arcade version. A country's friendly king has fallen ill. His son the Good Prince Dudley has taken over for dear old dad.  But alas, before the Prince could rule a day, he has disappeared! Taking over the country palace is the dastardly Lord Drash, and destruction is on his mind. I have to say I loved these characters, they really add to the game and give you more determination than ever to win, win, and win!

Lord Drash has sunk all your fleet's ships except for the lone and mighty battleship. It is up to you to exact revenge and save the Good Prince Dudley at the same time. You are in the hot seat, and you alone are in total command to plan your strategy wisely. You may think that this mission is a piece of cake. I mean even though you lost your fleet, you still have the battleship, and how much more power can you get, right? Wrong! Even the mother of all ships has some serious battles ahead, and only with planning every step very, very carefully can you hope to conquer Lord Drash and save the Good Prince in the making. So make every shot count!

Not only will you encounter battleships with fire power, which could sink you in a second, you are also going to come against some pretty hostile planes -- and my favorite, some of the best sea lurking creatures you will find in any game you have ever played. These creatures have just as much conquer power as any of the enemies' ships, and they make this game more fun than you can imagine. They can show up at any time and if you are not quick on the button, well ... just be on the lookout for them at all times. By all means grab all the power-ups you can; they come in the form of mines and air rockets. Like all power-ups, they are time limited so be fast on the catch.

This game is one of the best battle games on the market. In either mode, you will find it challenging, quick and most of all, you get the best feeling of victory when the battle is won and you are the winner of the waters!

Installation: Easy - Includes installing one CD. You must have the CD in the drive to play.

Gameplay: 8.5 -You have two ways to go here, classic or arcade mode. The classic is challenging but a little slower than the arcade. That doesn't take away from the fun, however, as both have their own unique challenges. The gameplay on both is fast and ongoing throughout the entire game.

Graphics: 9.5 - The graphics of everything from the firepower to the ships to the sea monsters are incredible. The intricate details of the ships are amazing and I think really lend to the gameplay. The graphics give the game an arcade feel to it. Sharp and bold colors are seen throughout the game.

Sound: 9.5 - Incredible sound effects throughout the game. Loud, and the realism of the sounds is something everyone will appreciate during the battle game.

Difficulty: 8.5 - The difficulty comes in two choices. The original is a little easier, although not by much. They both offer the perfect combination of strategy and fun.

Concept: 9.5 -The concept is taken from the original version and that is something I can appreciate. All of the fun connected to the first Battleship is still intact, but the newer sound effects and 3D views just add to the total package.

Multiplayer - Multiplayer is an option that, in my opinion, really adds to the fun of the game. Although don't get me wrong, the one player game also has its challenges.

Overall: 9.5


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