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Babo Crash iPad Review


Bejeweled clones are as numerous as they are popular. The hard part is finding one that’s just as fun as the original, or one with a unique spin so that it doesn’t bore you to death. Babo Crash has both of these fine qualities.

Babo Crash for the iPad uses the device's unique features to the game’s advantage, which is perhaps the most impressive part of Babo Crash. Sure, it’s the same gameplay as Bejeweled, but instead of going in one direction, gems can go in four based on how the iPad is being held. Want to make pieces fall left instead of down? Turn the iPad counterclockwise 90 degrees and voila, all the pieces turn and gravity seemingly prevails against software.

This small gameplay mechanic changes strategies immensely. Players can now set up rows of three identical jewels, or more, with much more relative ease. It’s relative, of course, because getting used to maneuvering the iPad to get exactly what you want, and more importantly seeing it in the first place, is pretty hard. It takes practice, and you can’t be playing this game in bed. You need to sit up and get moving!

Bonuses, or Heroes, are also rampant in Babo Crash, where each jewel paired in groups of four creates some sort of creature, each with a different ability. Red’s turn into bats which eat the jewels they fly over, greens destroy entire row across, blues clear out a 4x4 square of jewels, etc. Getting five jewels together delivers a “Robo” that shoots four lasers, wiping out anything it touches instantly. In fact, if these heroes look familiar, it’s because they’re the same as the XBLA and Steam title, Madballs.

With all of these bonuses and gameplay features, the stakes are higher too. Within the first few levels, Chompiis come into play and start devouring jewels and blocking precious spaces. They can be destroyed by matching jewels nearby or by using a hero on it, which sounds easy enough. But when they start sprouting like weeds on steroids and taking up every available space, the game can go from complicated to ridiculous in mere moments.

And, of course, points enthusiasts can spend days and days getting through as many levels as they can while collecting as many boosts and bonuses as possible. Whether it’s collecting bombs, earning extra points in an overtime mode or earning combinations, Babo Crash is easily one of the most addictive and exciting games on the iPad. But don’t expect to ever beat it. Those 21 levels will, without a doubt, give you a run for your money.


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