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Axis - PC - Review

From the turmoil of the future comes an outcome that is so simple in notion, yet so diverse in implementation.

It is the future, and the world is sharply divided by corporations. From the tide of chaos comes the GNU, a world council, and its military branch, DOCWA. The only problem is that the GNU becomes the pawn of companies, and DOCWA has been downsized in importance. On the brink of destruction, the world is plunged into factions and combat for the power. However, despite the barbarism of war, this has been given a civilized bent. You see, it’s not a case of humans fighting and dying on a grand scale; it is advanced robotics, a link of human mind to a robot that is armed to the teeth with weapons. And the battleground is not really Earth, but space, and space stations.

That is the premise behind Axis, an online shooter game from Jamie.

Now, forget that preamble. Because the background only tries to give a reason for the combat, but it isn’t necessary. Do you want to know what Axis is all about? In a nutshell, this is a Korean version of Quake III: Team Arena. You battle in venues with teammates or solo against other players. But there are differences.

First, like Q3, Axis allows gamers to play on their computer without having to log into a server. It is always advisable to gear up for the combat by practicing your moves in the solo setting before tackling the multiplayer aspect of the game. Q3 did offer nice three-dimensional features, but Axis is slightly better in that regard. This takes place in space and exotic locales that are as much fun to explore as to fight in. Most of these environments are weightless, meaning the battlefield isn’t two dimensional, but very three-dimensional. If you are in the habit of looking around corners for the enemy, watch out


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