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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review

There are several Mario Party games on the eShop, just saying

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is the latest game in the Animal Crossing series. This game was met with a poor reception by fans at its reveal, and that only got worse when people felt Nintendo reneged on the promise that the game would be free. It doesn't matter that the free thing was only a rumor…

In this spin-off of the popular franchise. players participate in a board game where they select an amiibo to be their character, and navigate a game board over the course of an in-game month. One day passes when all players have had their turn. Almost every day a new event will happen, and half the board will be covered in newly populated special event tiles for the turn.

The goal? To gather as much Happiness Points and Bells (money) as possible. At the end of a game, Bells are converted to happiness points at a rate of 1 Happiness Point per every 1,000 Bells, and the player with the most Happiness wins.

Afterward, Happiness Points earned can be saved to your Animal Crossing amiibo and exchanged for tickets, which are in turn exchanged to unlock minigames. There are eight minigames in total, and they can earn Happiness Points as well, providing an alternative to 30-90 minute rounds of farming said points through board game matches.

The board game styled video game can work, as Mario Party is almost always a million seller, so how does Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival stack up to the perennial party game? Let's break it down.

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