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Action Man

Wherever evil lurks...wherever dastardly plans are being made...wherever danger waits around every corner...this is where you will find Action Man!  You've seen his exciting, daring escapades on TV!  Now it is time to bring him to life on your very own computer!  Are you brave enough to take on the world's most fiendish villains as Action Man?  Yes!  You must!  Action Man Rules!  He is...The Greatest Hero Of Them All!

In Action Man: Raid on Island X, you will pit the skills of Action Man against the diabolical Dr. X and his minions.  Spies have told you that Dr. X and some of his gang have established several secret bases in locations around the globe.  They are trying to control all the animals and have also kidnapped Action Man's faithful dog!  It is up to you to stop Dr. X from spreading evil and taking over the world!

You begin the game by enrolling in the Action Man training academy.  Only the bravest players will complete the Action Man training course!  From here you can go to Action Man's Secret Headquarters.  This is where he plans all his adventures and there are many things to explore.  The top secret document will explain some of the things Action Man can do so be sure this doesn't fall into the hands of the enemy!  The Main Computer Screen contains all the information that has been gathered by the spy satellites from all around the world.  You can use the monitor to see the map and choose which adventure you want to play.

You can access the Equipment Room by clicking on the locker.  Here you will find all of Action Man's top secret equipment, weapons and tools.  There are some really cool outfits you can dress Action Man in and lots of awesome gear to try out.  Once you have him suited up in the gear you want him to use, you will be ready to begin his training.

The Training Island will help prepare Action Man for the dangers ahead.  Here you will learn how to rock climb, scuba dive, bungee jump and street luge!  Be sure to master all the training adventures before you take on Dr. X and his gang of criminals.

On Urban Island, Dr. X's biker gangs are controlling the major cities.  A number of laboratories have been set up and terrible experiments are being done on plants and animals!  Dr. X is planning to dump poisonous slime into the sewers here to pollute the city's water supply!

Plague Locust rules Jungle Island!  This insane creature controls one of the main laboratories that must be found and destroyed!  This laboratory is being used to create a toxic gas that can destroy an entire city in a matter of hours!  Plague Locust is sure to know where Dr. X can be found.

Frozen wastelands cover Arctic Island, which is being controlled by Professor Gangrene.  The professor can be found hidden deep in the heart of the wastelands in his laboratory that is creating a deadly poisonous liquid that will be used to infect all the ocean life.

Very little is known about Island X except that this must be where the diabolical Dr. X has established his final laboratory.  Surely this is where Action Man's dog and many other animals are being kept.  Action Man must find this hidden laboratory and destroy it and Dr. X before that monster begins his experiments on the animals...and then the world!

Ok, brave one!  The rest is up to you!  You must train Action Man and then seek out and destroy Dr. X and all his evil gang!  The entire world is depending on you and the time to act is now!

This Hasbro Interactive action adventure also contains an awesome print shop feature that lets you print stickers, maps and missions for you to enjoy and share with friends.

Action Man--Raid on Island X has been geared for ages 5 and up and rated Everyone.  This software contains Animated Violence.

Minimum System Requirements include:  Windows 95/98, Pentium 133MHz or higher, 16MB RAM, 50MB free hard disk space, 4X CD-ROM, 2MB Windows compatible SVGA video card, Windows compatible sound card, and DirectX version 6.1 or higher (included on game CD).


Installation is quick and easy.

Gameplay:  9.0.  This software moves smoothly and quickly through changes and between adventures.

Graphics:  8.5.  The graphics are quite good.

Sound:  8.5.  Both the music and sound effects are very good and add to the game's excitement.

Difficulty:  5.0.  This Hasbro Interactive software can be played using either mouse or keyboard.  Younger children might need a bit of help learning the controls, but the software is actually quite easy to use.

Concept:  9.0.  The transition from TV to computer has been done very well.  Action Man is as cool on the monitor as he is on the TV screen.  Hasbro Interactive has done an excellent job in bringing this dynamic character to life so that kids of all ages can enjoy the game and then print out material.

Overall:  8.5.  This software is both entertaining and challenging.  There is animated violence, but it is not especially gory.  This is a software that can be played more than once as players will want to improve their skills.


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