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Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us is so good it'll make you fall in love with Aquaman

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In addition to special powers, combos and attacks, each character has a unique Super Move. Super Moves are over-the-top cinematic attacks that deal a ton of damage while providing some quality entertainment. I would say that they’re similar to the X-Ray attacks in Mortal Kombat, just on a much larger scale. One example is Superman hitting his opponent through Earth’s atmosphere and into space before slamming them back down to the crust. They’re really insane, entertaining and cinematic. The Super Moves require a full super meter, which can then be activated by pressing the Left and Right Triggers. Getting hit and landing attacks both add to your super meter.

However, another thing the super meter is used for is a new mechanic called clashes -- which are epic. When clashes occur, both players wager a portion of their super meter. Each character says a little something, and the two fly at each other, resulting in impact so great that it lights up the screen. Whoever wagers more wins, either being healed a certain amount (depending on how much more you wagered) or dealing more damage, while the loser takes that damage. 

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Superman and Batman

The stages are fully interactive and act as a living set. Your actions will wreak destruction down upon the stage -- whether in the streets of Gotham or in the Fortress of Solitude. Each stage has elements that act as weapons. By pressing the Right Bumper, you can kick your opponent into the helicopter that’s hovering in the background. See that missile launcher next to you? Press Right Bumper and it’ll fire off a missile at your opponent. While you can dodge environmental attacks like this, you can’t block them. Against a pro player, this could potentially ruin your experience. I’ve already witnessed people not be able to get a hit in from combos off of the environment. Thankfully, you can turn off environmental attacks in the options.

Stages are also multi-tiered. At certain areas, you can hurl your opponents through buildings, launch them off cliffs, or kick them into an elevator where the brawl continues to the second floor. Once again, they’re seamless in execution and totally meet the expectations of what you would expect an epic fight between superheroes to look like.

Each character interacts with the environment differently. A power character like Bane might pick up that car to swing at you, but a smaller, quicker character like Flash will use it to jump off of and reposition himself. It all fits in with each character’s playstyle. Luckily, characters are pretty well-balanced, all while feeling unique in their special moves and combos. While every character has the same basic attacks, like a sweep and uppercut, the way you play them are drastically different. Once players really learn each fighter, balancing might need some tweaking, but thus far, I haven’t had a match-up that feels completely one-sided. Even Aquaman feels completely badass.

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Harley Quinn

A game that features superheroes and villains battling it out in epic proportions should have a soundtrack to match it, and Injustice does not fail in that regard.

The details in the environment and character models are superb, but some textures look a little aged and muddy at points. Like other games on the Xbox 360 I’ve been reviewing, I attribute this to the age of the console and its limitations. Make no mistake, though, Injustice is easy on the eyes.

To call Injustice: Gods Among Us a Mortal Kombat game with a DC Comics skin wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. The two games are similar in a lot of aspects, and I think Injustice is a hair shy of being as great of a fighting game as Mortal Kombat. That said, there’s enough unique about Injustice to make it its own game. It has its own identity. Coupled with a really great story that could spawn a comic book series, this is the DC Comics game that fans have been waiting for. Ultimately, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a very impressive fighting game that comes close to surpassing the bar set by Mortal Kombat.  

[Reviewed on Xbox 360]

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