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Borderlands 2 review

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Of course Borderlands wouldn't be complete without a cast of quirky and eclectic characters, ranging from the still hilarious Claptrap, the pretentious Sir Hammerlock and the absolutely insane Tiny Tina. The writing is definitely out there, but for a game that's so self aware, it simply fits.

Borderlands 2 didn't come without a few disappointments however. The game does tout four all new classes, and that's just plain wrong. Aside from Maya and her kick ass new Siren skill, we've seen these classes before. Zer0 is basically a reskinned Lilith with a sword, Axton is almost identical to Roland and Salvador is essentially Brick, except instead of relying on his fists, he can wield a weapon in each hand. This is a shame since instead of relying on completely new character archetypes, we're pretty much treated to the same ones we've seen in the first game.


One of the new hilarious NPCs you'll come across very early on

Another big problem I have is both with world size and world traversal. Pandora, while much diverse as I previously stated, is just too big for its own good. I'm usually one for "bigger is always better" but in this case, it just seems to function as filler, to extend playtime. Just give us the ability to fast travel no matter where we are on the map. The fast travel stations are located too far from each other, and leading me to the end of a given map, only to have to run back to the other side of the map in order to teleport back to Sanctuary and complete my quest is a pain.

However world traversal could have been made more fun. A wider assortment of cars would have been a great start. If you're going to include vehicles in your FPS, at least add a bit more variety. The Bandit Technical is far from an upgrade to the Runner. I still want the ability to fly the Buzzard! The original Halo had more vehicle variety!

Arguably the worst thing about Borderlands 2 is its incessant nature of forcing co-op on players. I get that the game is meant to be played with multiple players, it just shouldn't be necessary. I can't tell you how many times I've died on standard enemies swarming me from every side, let alone bosses. A slight scale down of difficulty would have been appreciated.

borderlands 2

It's always more fun taking on the wilderness as a team

Now I know it may sound like I've had quite a few problems with the game, but I can't deny the amount of fun the game is when playing with other players. It's an absolute blast when all the chaos ensues, you find yourself amidst a plethora of enemies, fighting for your life, ressurecting your friends, and watching those damage numbers fly across the screen. Gearbox knows the formula to ensure you're glued to your controller for hours without wanting to stop.

Since the game is bursting with replayability with multiple playthroughs, classes, and the amount of crazy guns you can acquire, Borderlands 2 will easily occupy your system for a while. That's not even counting the already announced four expansion packs that will be released throughout June 2013, and the fifth class, the Mechromancer, coming out in October. Who am I kidding, if you loved the first, you're already playing the second. However if you were on the fence about jumping into this crazy loot-fest, you can rest assured you won't regret taking on the job of a Vault Hunter on the insane planet of Pandora.

[Reviewed on Xbox 360]

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