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Guild Wars 2 review

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It's easy to say that some MMOs these days do away with grind, but Guild Wars 2 truly embodies that statement. The grind is virtually nonexistant. Enemies don't give nearly enough XP to farm constantly in order to power level, but it's a great thing, as it encourages players to break out of their grinding mold and experience the game as it was meant to be experienced.

Of course being a game with no monthly fees, ArenaNet once again employed a cash shop, albeit a much more sophisticated one this time around. Once again, there are absolutely no pay to win items available. Instead, you'll find various clothing options that you can switch out to when you're not in combat, various consumables like dyes and transmutation stones, and even boosts to crafting, XP or Karma.

Players do however have the ability to exchange Crystals (the cash shop currency) for Gold. However the exchange rate it somewhat small, and even at 800 Crystals, which is equivalent to $10, you only get about 1 Gold 25 Silver, which isn't really worth it.


While I look at Guild Wars 2 as a masterpiece in MMO design, it's not without flaws. Glitches, bugs and occasional performance issues were found during my time playing the game. Getting stuck in scenery, NPCs dropping their voice tracks, frame rates dropping to five frames-per-second — all this was somewhat common in my experience, and yet, I couldn't help but be okay with it. ArenaNet did so much right with Guild Wars 2 that it's almost impossible for me to fault a few bugs that popped up. However, they're constantly at work improving the game with constant updates and patches. Even these instances are pain free, as they kick you off the game for a few minutes, and you're back in the game almost instantly.


More skin visible obviously means better armor

It's mind blowing that all of this content is available to everyone for the mere price of the game, with absolutely no subscription fee. There are so many intricacies and things to explore and do in Guild Wars 2 that it would take me another few pages to list out, but just know that you are getting a full featured MMO.

I have to commend ArenaNet for the amazing job they did with Guild Wars 2. I've never been addicted to an MMO, and I've always wanted to be. I wanted that feeling of necessity to log on and see what fellow guild members are up to, to raise my crafting level, and participate in raids for awesome loot. Guild Wars 2 made this all happen, and trust me, that wasn't an easy feat.

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