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Quantum Conundrum review

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Your eccentric elder also likes to treat you as if you're of grade school intelligence, which I suppose makes sense considering the age of the protagonist. However, this assumption that the player is a bit dull offers few opportunities for exploration and discovery. The enjoyment of a puzzle game can be tied to a series of "a-ha!" moments after a period of study. These are the kinds of moments that pump up your ego and energize you to tell everyone about how smart you are. That puzzle was super complicated, but you still managed to figure out how to complete it. Quantum Conundrum has plenty of situations that could have these kinds of moments in them, but your narrator uncle just gives you the answer when you approach the problem. It feels like the game has a built-in spoiler system.

One puzzle in particular — that I don't feel bad about spoiling since the game does it itself — involved going into the fluffy dimension, tossing a safe, going into the slow motion dimension, positioning yourself where the safe will land, and turning back to the fluffy dimension once the safe is close enough to catch. It's a pretty complex solution that would be incredible to solve on your own. The game even plants the seeds for the player to reach this solution by having the narrator mention playing catch with himself during an earlier section of the game. Sadly, the moment you reach the puzzle and start testing, old smarty-brains chimes in with "Remember when I told you about when I played catch with myself? Now might be a time to give it a shot." Thanks, old man. I'll be sure to tell you how Prometheus ends once you escape your pocket dimension.

Quantum Conundrum Safe

Another problem that plagues Quantum Conundrum is how it handles failure. Because so many of the puzzles involve jumping from object to object, it becomes very easy to miss a jump and repeat sections of a puzzle room. This isn't inherently awful because the checkpoint system is generous, but all of the dialogue repeats upon a retry. When the puzzles become more complex late in the game and require precise timing, the narration is almost too much to bear. An already annoying uncle becomes a real pest as you near his freedom.

Quantum Conundrum is a fun experience, but it's nothing special. It's a puzzle game with a lot of fun, challenging puzzles but no overarching story or purpose to tie it all together. Despite ideas and characters with a lot of potential, Quantum Conundrum never uses them to its advantage. It is, simply, a puzzle game with fun puzzles. That's not a bad thing, but it winds up feeling like a missed opportunity. It doesn't quite live up to its brother's image.

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