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Lone Survivor review

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Lone Survivor really earns its place in the survival horror genre, because it's legitimately scary. That said, there are still a few quirks that somewhat hinder the experience at times. For starters, the map can be disorienting. Considering you rely heavily on this tool to find your next objective, it can be tough using it to your full advantage when it isn't all that clear where you're supposed to go next.

Another issue is the combination of the saving and stage navigation. You need to be sure to save frequently, because if you die, it's back to your last save. It goes without saying that it can be a pain knowing that you collected an important item and almost reached a certain landmark, only to get killed and have to do everything all over again.

Because Lone Survivor is actually scary, though, and because it brings legitimacy to the survival horror genre, you'll probably be able to overlook its minor flaws. I know I did. The fact of the matter is that this game is the first truly scary survival horror game to come along in some time. I previously discussed how Journey was actually a scary game due to several key moments, but Lone Survivor is scary because it's a survival horror game, and survival horror games need to be scary.

They also need to have an authentically terrifying vibe, and Lone Survivor nails that requirement thanks to its chilling atmosphere and surreal imagery. The game has a pixelated 2D look to it, but everything is so dark and bloody that you can't help but use your imagination to think about how a dead mutant corpse might smell, or how a certain pink gunk's texture might feel as it holds a door shut. Lone Survivor looks great, and it sounds even better. The constant noise you hear makes you tense up like no other survival horror game in recent memory has been able to accomplish, and the loud blaring sound that occurs when an enemy spots you is absolutely horrifying.

Lone Survivor should last you about three to five hours, and in that time, the game explores themes of death and despair; it thrusts you into a world of horror; it makes you revert to survival game instincts you may not have used in years or even knew you had. Most importantly, though, Lone Survivor makes you think, and it makes you scared. It makes you scared to live, but you know that's exactly what you need to do. And in some depraved part of your brain, you know you want to live in this messed up, mutant-filled world. Put on some headphones, turn off the lights, and play Lone Survivor. You'll be terrified the entire time, and really, isn't that why we all started playing survival horror games in the first place?

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