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Hotel Giant 2 - PC - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 7.0 Good
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And yet another Tycoon game hits the market. This time, it's all about successfully managing a hotel that caters to a wealthy class of clientele. Service with a smile, for everyone who has the bucks.

Hotel Giant 2 is the sequel to Hotel Giant, which was released several years ago. I never played the original, but the premise of Hotel Giant 2 is basically the same as in most simulation Tycoon games. Players are given a series of goals to meet in a campaign mode, or they can play in a free-style sandbox mode. 

Upon starting the game, players have a choice of playing a tutorial, jumping directly into the campaigns, or trying their hand at designing the hotel of their dreams in the sandbox mode. I would strongly suggest running through the tutorial first, before beginning the campaign mode. The interface is not the most intuitive around, and the campaign goals are difficult to find and decipher. If players are not familiar with the menu commands and all the choices this game offers, they can become a bit lost at first.

The tutorial does a good job of demonstrating the basics of gameplay. The menus and options are presented clearly and in logical order. Once the tutorial is finished, players should have a basic understanding of the game mechanics.

The menus have all the information that anyone may desire, but deciphering it all is difficult, mostly because there is just so much information. And, the layout is not always the most logical arrangement. Figuring out what the scenarios require is also hard to do. When a campaign is chosen, there is only a short blurb on the general situation of the current hotel that needs to be upgraded. There is no mention or discussion of the actual goals of the scenario. These goals are in the menus, but they are hard to find.

There is a staggering amount of options and things to do while running the hotel business. There are the standard types of things, like adding gyms, restaurants, spas and game rooms. Hey, you can even install a library! But the real meat is in the myriad of choices available for the design of all these rooms and shops. For example, when building a restaurant, players will not only design the physical appearance, but will also choose the food items on the menus. Umpteen choices are available for all the outward details and accoutrements of the rooms, as well.

Hotel Giant 2 is a game that has a lot of bang for its buck. Players can literally spend hours designing away. The question is will they want to spend hours designing away. While there is a huge amount of things to micro-manage, and I'm never one to decry micro-mangement, the whole feel of the game is generic. There is not a sense of engagement with the hotels or characters, or much individuality in the running of the hotels. This is partly due to the lack of personality or humor in the game, but also in part because hotels in and of themselves aren't very personal.

Gameplay: 7
The game is fairly accessible to most players, but the game can be difficult due to the lack of clear goals at the beginning of the scenarios and the sheer number of things to do during the game. Designing the rooms and businesses is fun at first, but there is a lack of engagement in the overall experience.

Graphics: 8.5
The rooms and objects are all very good-looking. The colors and designs are bright and detailed. The characters are also nicely drawn and animated.

Sound: 7
The music and sound effects are decent, but generic.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
The game is not too difficult, but players may be a bit lost at times due to the lack of clear goals and the huge amount of things to do. 

Concept: 7
Simulation games are common these days, and most are pretty similar. Hotel Giant 2 doesn't offer anything really new, but does provide quite a bit of details and gameplay choices.

Overall: 7
Hotel Giant 2 compares fairly well with the general crowd of simulation games. The game looks good, and there has been a lot of thought placed in the amount of design options. However, there just isn't a lot of personality to make it stand out from the rest of the pack. Best for people who like the idea of running a virtual city within a city, and who really enjoy all the little details.

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